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USB controllers and MAME

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  • USB controllers and MAME

    I'm building a cocktail arcade machine with 2 controllers on one side and 1 on the other.
    It all works fine, but I'm having the most annoying problem with joystick mapping in Windows.
    Every time I reboot, my USB controllers get swapped which means my cabinet gets all messed up in terms of where player 1 and player 2 should be sitting.
    Has anyone come across this problem?
    It even happens with 2 controllers swapping them occasionally.
    Appreciate any help.

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    Which USB controller are you using and Front End ?


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      Can you use xpadder?


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        Originally posted by teddy View Post
        Can you use xpadder?
        xpadder is used for retro console emulators..
        Whenever using joystick or USB controller which you need to download Joykey2 programme so it can be Recognised the key function with any window Os.
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          HI mperaltaoz,

          Not quite sure I follow what you've got in your setup so it's difficult to offer any suggestions. When you refer to "USB controllers" I take it that you are using gamepads rather than joysticks and buttons - am I correct?

          Are you able to upload a couple of pics showing your controllers so we can get a better idea of your setup? I notice your post count is very low (welcome to AA, btw) so if you can't upload pics directly you could always put them onto Instagram and link them here so we can go take a look.


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