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Hack for hiding bios screens

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  • Hack for hiding bios screens

    so I bought a monitor for my desktop, hooked it up using vga and wasn't happy with the picture and knew i had an hdmi-dvi cable kicking around. I plugged the hdmi end into the computer and the dvi end into the monitor, booted it up and then disabled the 1st "screen" in windows, so when you boot all the stuff that comes up before windows starts comes through the vga but doesn't get displayed, then the dvi gets signal when windows gets to the welcome screen.

    Will be interesting to see other peoples results with their setups.

    I'm using a 512mb GT220 and a second hand HP monitor and winxp.

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    A lot of bios's now come with software to flash in a bitmap picture for "branding" purposes.
    If you wanna trip people out, take a photo of someone standing at the cabinet with the camera perspective inside the machine, looking up at them..
    Or worse, take a photo of your cabinet with no electronics inside it, while you were building it and use that as your BIOS POST boot screen.


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      that's a clever trick. i think i have that stuff laying around. i might give it a try


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