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  • Dez's Weekly Tricks of the Trade

    Hi Guys

    An idea has recently come to me to share what I know

    If you subscribe to this thread, each week you could get info you could use one day.

    (Each Friday Night)

    Things I will share are only things I think I am good at

    I have been lucky enough to have been helped by some fine people on the forum, so it's time to repay the favour - (If needed)

    Current Topics
    1. # 1: Turning partical board into a mirror finish (Paint)
    2. # 2: Wiring Tips & Neat Wiring
    3. # 3: Electrical Safety and Tips
    4. # 4: Cocktail Glass Clips Manufacture
    5. # 5: Chip Free Laminated board cutting - Bench Saw
    6. Quality Building of cabinets (Next) TBA

    Possible future topics
    • Finishing touches
    • Quality building of cabinets
    • How to apply perfect iron on edging
    • Hinges technique
    • Applying Artwork properly
    • Metalwork parts manufacture for your cab
    • Designing your own custom cab
    • Alternate Feet for cabs
    • Strong Base
    • Corners for strength
    • Making Plastic pieces to hold your power connector
    • Cutting tin without the kinks
    • Useful Hand tools
    • Useful power tools
    • T-Molding tips
    • Total Cabinet Reproduction
    • Angled cutting of timber
    • Banner Printing for Marquees
    • Painting Laminated MDF - how?
    • Laminate / MDF / Partical board - Which one?

    These items are how I would do it, so I understand if you don't agree Discussion and opinions welcome

    Jump onboard if you want

    I will put a weekly effort in if there is a need

    I value your input, thanks to all who contribute
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    I am in.... Tip one...... Don't forget the handbrake when you park on a hill.......
    Sorry mate had to do that.... Anyway on with the tips...........

    For all your promotional requirements at guaranteed low prices ....


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      Great idea and thanks for sharing. I'm in.




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        great idea, i might learn something & im sure i can add my 2 bobs worth to help out
        rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
        if your new to electronics and


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          count this little black duck in
          Even I ignore me


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            I've subscribed
            My Projects - Space Invaders Bartop, Williams A-Go-Go, Galaxian Bartop, Jukebox Kiosk 1&2, Jukebox Kiosk 3, Virtual Minipin, Generic Upright, MultiCab, Rampage,


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              Likewise. Always good to see other experienced peoples methods, ideas and different angles of attack. We humans have a tendancy to get caught in a rut at times

              Nice one.
              "He who laughs when things go wrong ... has just thought of someone they can blame it on!"


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                always eager to learn a thing or 2, count me in


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                  How do I subscribe to this wealth of information, will be starting a scratch built arcade cab in the future and this information will prove invaluable, great timing for me


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                    Excellent results Painting Timber

                    Well this is the first week. Pics will follow as I am at my daughters house and have no access to my PC

                    The first cab I made was a custom MAME cab, I made it from partical board.
                    In hindsight I should have used MDF or laminate but I had no idea at the time.
                    It came time to paint the beast so I prepared it like I would if repairing a car body. (I used to buy and sell cars)

                    The trick when painting the final colour is to stand in a position that you can get a good view / reflection back from the light IE FACE THE LIGHT. You can see all of the uneven-ness while the paint is still wet, so you can fix it.
                    IE face the brightest light and watch the surface being painted.
                    You will be amazed at the results.
                    • Now first sand the surface with 80 Grit (I use the white sandpaper)
                    • Mask up the areas not getting painted. Please take your time here, get it right
                    • Coat 1: spray a primer / filler - wait an hour or so
                    • Coat 2 and 3 : Spray a Filler (Spray putty)
                    • wait at least overnight
                    • Spray a primer or primer filler (Add: edit)
                    • Sand the surface (MUST USE A Sanding block) and use 240 or 320 Grit Paper
                    • wipe the dusty surface and look for holes / pitting
                    • Re-coat the pitted areas and wait again for it to harden overnight

                    For better results sand the flat surface with 400G.

                    Applying the colour is next.

                    Prepare the environment (Shed etc) Clean all dust and crap away
                    If you have time maybe even wet down the floor the morning of the painting - but let it dry
                    • Use some turps to clean the cabinet surface
                    • Wipe the adjacent surfaces nearby with turps too.
                    • Make sure your neighbour is not about to mow the lawns etc, and don't paint the top coat on a cold or windy day.
                    • OK Decide whether you are using Satin or gloss (I looooove satin)
                    • Paint the first coat lightly, don't try to cover the filler in the first coat, it needs to dry quickly to bind the paint to the filler.
                    • Wait 30 mins or so (USE Quick drying paint NOT the 24 hour crap, too much dust sticks)
                    • The second coat is thicker and done evenly, and overlapping
                    Face the light and watch it go on - same as before

                    When the 2nd coat dries look for dust, if there is dust it has to be sanded with 800G or 1000Grit (black sandpaper)
                    Paint on the final coat and you should be amazed

                    Some pics to follow over weekend

                    Bon App?tit

                    EDIT: (Have a look at an excellent example - Spacies cabinet paint job at post # 17)
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                    DSB Electrical
                    DSB Electrical Facebook
                    Vector Monitor Repro Parts
                    Amazing Arcading Facebook Page

                    Another AA Visitor. Stay a while, stay FOREVER!


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                      I've only ever rolled my cabs. Still love the classic slight 'orange peel' look.
                      But.. now that I'm full steam again.. this will be handy if I buy a HVLP gun for the compressor. Might try a gun job on the 'Jungle Hunt' replica I'll be doing after the T&F cocktail.

                      Nice DB.
                      "He who laughs when things go wrong ... has just thought of someone they can blame it on!"


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                        Mod's can we have a separate list once we click on this thread, to catoragise (word inventing here) each tip so they don't get blended into one.
                        Ie so each tip gets it's own post


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                          one thing i found biggest dez

                          Dont rush it that was got me bailed up many a time
                          Plan a cab around the monitor also
                          Find a good souce of 21 inch monitors
                          you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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                            new monitor in lowboy

                            i figured this little trick out my self

                            i have replaced the minotr in my low boy cabinet a few times for a few reasons

                            anyhow the easiest way to replace the monitor is to first remove the new monitor from its plastic case

                            this is done by first removing it from the power source and then remove all case screws in sight and rip it to bits. who cares if you break the case along the way

                            next you need a big piece of card board or failing that, some paper and sticky tape and tape the paper together and use it is a template

                            once the monitor is removed from the plastic case put a towel on a good solid surface

                            i use the deep freeze in the shed for this, perfect hight and size

                            put the towel down and then the paper/cardboard then monitor fact down on the paper/cardboard

                            next, armed with your nicko pen, trace round the monitor

                            then gentley slide the paper out and cut out the bit that would cover the screen normally

                            now you have a template

                            put this on the new bit of wood your going to use and mark it with a pen and cut out with a drill/jigsaw

                            test with the monitor, you will probably find you will have to make the holes slightly bigger, but it sure is damn easy like this
                            rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
                            if your new to electronics and


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                              Definitely watching this series.

                              Question about removing a used monitor from it's case, in so far as I have always thought that this is a definite no-no because monitors can hold electricity even when unplugged.
                              Isn't there a danger of electrocution if you are not a professional?

                              Also, with the spraypainting, and especially a final gloss coat, best that the temperature is not too cold and/or that you get some residual warmth into article being painted for best results.

                              Look forward to the series,
                              Thanks, Michael


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