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Cabinet using IPAC 2 for dual output


Topics related to the hardware and software used in setting up a MAME cab IE. Jpac, frontend and OS

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    Cabinet using IPAC 2 for dual output

    I've got a fully wired Jamma cabinet and I'm looking to connect the controllers to my iMac via an ipac 2 in a way that makes it possible to switch between the Jamma and iMac with ease.

    I've been told that a usb switch can be used to disconnect the computer when needed, but the question now is how do I connect the controls to the ipac 2 and the Jamma board at the same time?

    I've tried connecting the NO contacts>ipac>iMac while also using NC contacts>Jamma. That worked fine on the Jamma while the input on the iMac resulted mostly in stuck keys.

    I any one can help or at least point me towards some instructions it would be greatly appreciated.

    Are you saying you want to be able to use your arcade controls on an iMac and then also use them in your arcade cab? Not sure why you would want to do this?
    Maybe use a JPAC instead and swap this out for a game board when needed?


      Yup. The idea play is to additional games (mainly emulated Dreamcast games) on my cabinet through my iMac. I've got a VGA connection iMac>cabinet monitor.

      Is it possible to wire the Jamma and the ipac 2 to the controllers at the same time?


        I guess you could wire the IPAC inline and have it daisy chained between the control panel and JAMMA edge connector. If for some reason the keys don't work properly on iMac just unplug the game board from the JAMMA socket.


          All sorted! I've piggy backed the IPAC wires in where Jamma connects to each micro switch.

          Thanks for your help!


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