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Topics related to the hardware and software used in setting up a MAME cab IE. Jpac, frontend and OS

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    Keywiz help

    Hi all, I don't know whether im posting this in the correct section, my names Al and I've just acquired my first mame machine with the intention of outing it in my pool room with my retro street fighter 2 cabinet. I picked up a custom cabinet with the keywiz and buttons already installed but no pc or screen. The machine was donated by a guy off gumtree and all I had to do was install the screen and pc. I've since installed an LCD flat screen and pc running windows 7.
    My problem is that I can't get the computer to recognise the keywiz therefore unable to use the controls. We've tried the switch in all positions and still won't connect.
    I've been told that it could be the operating system (windows7) and should be running vista or the adapter we have turning the PS2 connection to USB that could be the problem. Any ideas? I can post pics once I've worked the site out if needed.
    Cheers. Al

    Perhaps a software / driver issue.

    Have you downloaded and installed the software for Win7 at the bottom of this page and read through the FAQ etc?

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      Thanks frank I'll try that. We have windows 7 already and was thinking of downgrading to 97 but after checking the link you posted I realised we only have keywiz2 so thinking the upgrade to 3 might fix the issue. Would using USB adapters on the end if the PS2 cable create an issue? Should I post this elsewhere in another forum?
      Cheers for your help and apologies for my lack of IT skills


        I had an I-PAC keyboard encoder for PS/2 but my research showed that using a converter wouldn't work, so I ended up buying a USB version. They are so cheap now.

        Here is the article I found, the last paragraph has the info, hope it helps.
        Page Not Found

        Not sure if it's the same situation with the keywiz?


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