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    USB Encoder


    Have always wanted an all in one, simple MAME bit of kit. I was looking at the Digital Hype Hyper Deck, but when searching for reviews came across here, and wasn't a good read. So looking at alternatives for myself. I'm also pretty much a rookie when it comes to most of arcade stuff.

    So, decided to go back to some stuff I've had sitting around for a while.

    Have a RP3 running Retropie, and also have an old (PS2 version) 2 player X-Arcade.
    Thought pull out the X-Aracde old board, I knew from when I bought the RP3 that there were zero delay encoders for it, connect them up to the Raspberry Pi, run the HDMI and power out the back, maybe a carry handle on the back, and would look to making a stand in the future.. All good.

    Jumped on ebay, looking for the usb encoders, also came across the Xin-Mo encoders also. Is one better than the other? Is there a better, or more simpler, option for what I'm looking to do?


    I haven't used the Xin-Mo encoders but have used Ipac and Jpacs. Ozstick sell the Xin-Mo and others.

    Keyboard Encoders and Interface Hardware | Product Categories | OzStick Home Arcade Solutions


      I put the Xin-Mo into a RPi setup and it works fine. The only thing to realise, that catches a lot of people, is that's it's NOT a keyboard encoder - it's a gamepad encoder. Once you realise that the setup is straightforward, but if you try treating it like a keyboard you'll be ready to throw it in the ocean... . I also noticed that the one I got from Chris (this was a while back) different slightly in comparison to the documentation - I can't recall the specifics now, but I think 2 pinouts were reversed on mine, or the doco. Other than that issue it's a great little basic encoder.


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