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Decals for Ion ICADE modification


Topics related to the hardware and software used in setting up a MAME cab IE. Jpac, frontend and OS

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    Decals for Ion ICADE modification

    Hi All,

    I am very new to the concept of building my own arcade machine but I thought I would start as a first project modifying my ION Icade cabinet which I do not use anymore

    I've got most things on the electronic side sorted out, now I'm just trying to find some Decals/Vinyl for the cabinet.

    I know of who make some decals for the icade but I wanted to get some street fighter decals made for it ( Sides,Marquee,Control Panel ).

    I've contacted them but no reply, I was hoping someone could recommend somewhere else that could help?

    Many thanks.

    [MENTION=5028]MamePatrol[/MENTION] & Noodleshirt & more than a few others on this site do artwork. Where are you located, that you went through a UK site?


      Thanks. I'm based in Sydney Australia.

      I came across the UK site googling


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