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Xin-Mo dual arcade controll sticking


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    Xin-Mo dual arcade controll sticking

    once again i am getting in trouble. Too many projects and not enough time
    well i ma back to working the lowboy. I am using the retro pie 2 and a Xin-Mo dual for the controller unit.

    Everything is fine EXECPt for player one. The problem was that it was always player 1 kept on going down. So I did the following

    1. check the cabels . All ok
    2. change micro switch same problem. Same problem
    3. change joystick. Fix problem but now when i press up sometimes the Up gets stuck.

    I notice it when I am player Street Fighter 2 (THE BEST GAME !!!)

    Any ideas , cause the problem does't occur on player 2 controll.

    Two doggy micro switches. 😣

    Sent from Mars


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