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What to use for Mame cocktail - 21" arcade or computer monitor?

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  • What to use for Mame cocktail - 21" arcade or computer monitor?

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    Originally posted by xygt

    Just looking for thoughts on which way to go. I have the option to use a 21” computer monitor or a 21” arcade monitor.

    The computer monitor will connect straight to the PC with no video card issues or the need for a ArcadeVGA card.

    An arcade monitor is authentic and gives that arcade look to the game, but requires more work and hardware.

    Opinions please? Thanks heaps.

    This is chicken / egg stuff..

    Personal preferance is the go...
    If I was you I would build 2 cabinets and use both screens...

    Alternatively I'm in Adelaide also so whichever one you don't use I'm happy to tidy up for you/get it out of your way..


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      PC monitor is easier to work with, that is what I am using


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        Use the PC monitor for the MAME machine, it will save you a lot of time and money. Use the Arcade monitor for an original game.


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          Pc monitor easy and cheap its what i did in my 20"coctail
          The best action is wrist action!!!!!!


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            there is plenty of for and against.
            my cabinet came with a 20 inch arcade monitor and im looking forward to my arcade vga card turning up and running it.

            looking forward to seeing the raster lines and getting a little bit closer to the original thing...

            each to their own
            rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
            if your new to electronics and


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              Just be carefull with a monitor that big as i made a cocktail true to original dimensions and only just made a 14in monitor squeeze in!!!21s are real big in the plastic department!!


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