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  • Control Panel matching ... thing

    Hello all,

    While wondering about the best control panel layout for my upcoming MAME cabinet (I should really get going on that) I decided to setup a web page to let people pick and choose some controls and see which games could be played with it.

    After all this information is in MAME (the -listxml command).

    So now it's in a working state, though it's pretty rough around the edges (understatement of the century).

    So I'd appreciate comments on whether this is useful, or just fun, and also if you manage to break it I'd like to know that as well.

    A few things to note:
    • I know the user interface leaves a lot to be desired
    • I know about CONTROLS.DAT, but I don't use it (yet?)
    • I know the -listxml data is in some ways fairly dodgy
    • The thing needs a better name - help me out here!

    Otherwise, go crazy :-)

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    Originally posted by tardisx
    Otherwise, go crazy :-)

    And on a more serious note...

    Am checking it out now.



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      Originally posted by ZXR
      Have you done this before?

      Originally posted by ZXR
      And on a more serious note...

      Am checking it out now.

      Well I will have a new version in the next day or two, cleaning up the interface. It's actually quite hard to see what's going on at the moment with the current mess.

      I will also have to document some of the weirder things.

      For example, you might think that the "Double 8 way joysticks" controller might be a good choice for a cabinet, but in MAME parlance that means that each player has Double 8 'sticks. Probably not what you meant :-) In that case, what you really want is two 8-way joysticks.

      Also my DSL is acting up big time today so it's availablity is questionable at the best of times. I may move it to a more reliable server later.


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        OK a few more features and a big overhaul.

        Now with Graphics and Colours (!).

        It should be a lot more easy to see what is going on now.

        There are still bugs with the matching, and I also have to try to minimise (somehow) the factor of the mame -listxml data being kind of crap.

        Still, it's kinda fun to play with the controls and see how many games you could play with such a panel. Also fun to see some of the oddball configurations that exist.

        Such as:

        All the games that have nothing on their control panel but buttons, grouped by how many buttons.

        Lots of card and quiz games in that list :-)

        Or how about a classic SHMUPS panel, an 8-way's and 3 buttons per player:

        Fun :-)


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