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Problems with mame 124b

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  • Problems with mame 124b

    Hi there im having a little problem regarding mame 124b.
    The problem is that im trying to use my ps2 joypad with a usb adaptor with mame.
    My frontend is mamewah and i can control mamewah with no problems and ive also used mame32 and i can use my joypad with it no problems aswell.
    I think i might have to do a ctrlr.cfg file but i havent got a clue on how to make 1.
    So if someone could walk me though it or show me how to do it i would be the Happiest man in the world.
    Thanks very much for all your help.

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    Once the game is running, press TAB. there should be an option for setting up your controls there.


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      thanks for your help but ive done what you said before, for example i go to the player 1 control, highlight the coin button selection, press enter,
      then joypad button 1 and nothing happens.
      i'm tearing my hair out with all the fustration and ive looked everywhere.


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        Now i have looked at my mame.ini file and i cant see anything in the ini file that will allow me to use a joypad or a joystick to control mame 124b, for example i can turn the joypad on in the ini file of mamewah but there is nothing in the mame ini file.


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