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Gigabyte mobo & jpac issues

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  • Gigabyte mobo & jpac issues

    Hi Guys,
    Ive upgraded my mame machine from an Intel mobo (w/P4 2.0Ghz) to a new Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 (w/dual core 2.6) motherboard, Ive installed XP and all drivers etc as usual and all seems good but this mobo just doesnt reconize my JPAC at all.

    The green Status led doesnt come on but just the orange sync IN led. Video passthru works fine but just cant get any buttons on my machine to be reconized by the JPAC.

    XP is all up to date & drivers all ok & the USB ports are all ok and enabled in BIOS.

    I did think the JPAC could be fried so Ive plugged back all the old Intel motherboard as it was originally and it works as it should!!!

    Does anyone have this or a gigabyte board that works with the JPAC?? Im stumped...

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    JPAC is basically just a keyboard. Does a normal keyboard work on your new board?

    Maybe look at the BIOS settings to do with the keyboard and USB compatibility.
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      Yeh the ps2 keyboard works via the motherboard but not via the jpac. (it does via the old setup as it should).

      Ive also checked the bios and all the usb options are enabled, it seems to look like there isnt enough power going to the jpac via teh usb port...


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