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How do ThrustVector Afterburners compare to the I-pac 2 etc.. ?

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  • How do ThrustVector Afterburners compare to the I-pac 2 etc.. ?

    So I just bought a ThrustVector Afterburner Keyboard encoder for about $47 shipped today, just wondering how they compare to the KeyWiz 1.5 max and the standard 2 player I-pac?
    The afterburner seams to be feature packed, so is there a trade off in performance, timing, reliability etc..?


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    I dont think anybody knows, so you'll be the first. Make sure you let us know if there's another contender in the encoder market
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      I'm positive theres an older review at BYOAC

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        Yeah, I had a look on BYOAC before I posted but didn't find anything.. I had another look and still nothing (I'm sure I'm blind )
        That other review casts a pretty good light on it so it should be sweet!
        I'll let you guys know how it all goes.


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          My ThrustVector Afterburner just arrived an hour ago I'm impressed how well it's all packaged. Documentation looks good too. The unit looks really sturdy and postage was FAST!
          6 days from America land to Oz and that's including the weekend.
          I can't hook it up yet, as I'm now waiting on my joystick and buttons to arrive.
          Final price was about $63 AUD which included shipping, and an additional 2 slide potentiometers by request for auto-fire speed adjustment


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