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Auto-organzing roms in AtomicFE and other such queries

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  • Auto-organzing roms in AtomicFE and other such queries

    Hey guys, long time no see, my university has been eating me for breakfast!

    I recently received all the mame Roms on the DVD pass-round and have begun to redo my cab install (i got greedy with SNES and PSX etc. that got messy and pointless)

    Basically its ready to go with AtomicFE and Soft15khz and associated settings.

    My query is regarding methods to deal with 7000ish rom files, given that many don't function, and that many are duplicates. So a few queries.

    a) is there a way to remove all duplicates of a game? I have no desire to play the UK version of XYA instead of the US version.

    b) is there a way in AtomicFE or another frontend if need be for alphabetised lists? I remember last time hitting right in AtomicFE would scrool really fast to the next letter...which still took a fair while in 7000 games. Additionally, its alphabetised list commonly has many games seemingly out of order, i suppose its because of a game being called "Big Fight 3000" but having a rom name like "fight3k" for example.

    c) is there any way for software like ClrMamePro or a FrontEnd to ignore games that don't function. Either through a database or by going through automatically and testing. Maybe alot will be better with these good new roms, but on my old setup i had about a 1 in 4 success rate of a game working.

    d) is there a way for AtomicFE to generate lists etc. through genre or year? Because i love classification.

    I guess i want to redo this because it was GOOD but not GREAT. And since i spent all this time and money, i want to redo it to be really good and flawless.

    Cheers guys, and it's good to be back!
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    Not sure, but I've always found this site gives good advise. Or try the manual from the atomic site
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      Have a look at this thread:


      It may help you out with your list sorting question.



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        thanks guys,

        did some reading seem to be making some inroads.

        Used ClrMamePro as we speak to merge all the sets (so now i dont have 6 diff 19XX's). After that i now have Havocs list of Clones and NonWorkings to exclude from my main gamelist, and the genre definitions to build AtomicFE gamelists for each genre and swap config's on the fly.

        Out of interest, for anyone using an arcade monitor with Soft15Khz. Did you just use generic AVGA settings (switchres, nohwstretch, ddraw) and then use an autores tool (like the AVGA one) to set the res configs for each game? Thats what ive done, but im still running the computer outside the cab so not sure how it will go, did you have decent results?
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