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Upright cabinet woes - Mala has no sound

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  • Upright cabinet woes - Mala has no sound

    I completely stuffed up my upright cabinet yesterday... after upgrading and reloading the machine everything seemed to be going ok but then I realised that the USB dual-channel singstar microphones were no longer working... when I got them to install, Ultrastar would crash... then it got to the point where Windows wouldn't boot.

    8 hours of working on it and reloading all the software later... the microphones are still being recognised intermittently, the USB mouse has power but is not being recognised properly etc so I'm convinced that the on-board SiS chipset for the USB hub has compatibility issues with Win98...

    I'm going to buy a cheap PCI-USB card tomorrow with a VIA chipset... and hope that fixes my USB problems.

    One side effect of all this though is that Mala (front end) sounds arent working! When I launch MAME from Mala, the game has sounds... but I hear no sound whatsoever in MALA (eg navigating the menus etc). In the layout editor all of the sounds are set up and I can hear them when I press the test button... but in MALA itself I don't hear anything.

    I've gone into options and made sure 'enable sounds' is on, but even when I assign a sound file through the menu within MALA, I don't hear it even when I press the test button. WTF?!

    Anybody got any ideas? (no I dont want to go back to the drawing board and pick another front end).

    Grr this is not how I wanted to spend my weekend.
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    Loadman at BYOAC in software thread will fix this for you.


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