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Dealing with individual problems in a MAME Cab

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  • Dealing with individual problems in a MAME Cab

    Hey guys,

    My mame cab is 90% good and going, and i love playing it.

    I just have occasional problems with some games, such as V-Hold going off and the screen scrolling, or DoDonPachi launching in a very small window (yes i know its vertical, but even smaller than that).

    I am currently using AtomicFE as a FE but am open to suggestions on how to solve these small problems. Also i wondered what you guys did in your mame.ini with reference to ddraw, triplebuffer, waitsync and all those options.

    I am using a Geforce 5 series with soft 15khz on an arcade monitor, so any reccomendations?
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    Howdy and welcome.

    Have a read of this lots of good info in there.


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      thanks for that, ive made some progress

      Im still dying to play DoDonPachi, but the window mame makes is really tiny.

      Other vert games like Raiden is fine, cant work out why DDon would be so strange, anyone got some ideas?
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        You might want to have a look at your dodonpachi .ini file. Basically there is a default mame config and an individual game config which resides in the INI folder?

        I have mine with d3d and stretch enabled @ 640x480 which doesn't utilise what arcadevga was designed for


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          ive been fiddling around with it, and it works fine (well its not the proper resolution, but looks fine) with HWSTRETCH turned on in my mame .ini

          Problem is, i cant seem to get this game to be my only exception to hwstretch. Ive tried an exception with atomicFE that doesnt work, and also adding -hwstretch into the ddonpach.ini file.

          Strangely however, every option in the ddonpach.ini file (that was generated by the avgares tool) is not recognized by mame, it says "Warning: option not recognized in INI: -switchres", but it has this for every option in the INI file.

          Any clues with whats going on, im desperate to play this game in full glory!!

          EDIT: Just played, with HWSTRETCH its actually not perfect, the bottom of the game screen is cutoff. Basically, can anyone Running Soft-15 tell me what settings they use for DDon? Argh im average at this stuff

          EDIT: Just checked out my ini files, where Raiden works, the others dont, and here are the resolutions:

          Raiden: 352 x 256

          DDon, Raiden2, DFeveron: 512 x 288

          These last 3 are the ones that dont work, and obviously those resolutions are out of proportion (1.375:1 versus 1.78:1)
          Are these notably difficult resolutions? Is the the higher resolution due to interlacing?
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              have you tried avres?


              it goes through your roms and determines the best resolution.

              The thing with different resolutions for different games is that you may need to adjust the sync/s and sizes for the monitor everytime you get a game that has a new resolution. mone was a pain as it meant i had to unlock the control. i think that was the reason why i chose everything to be 640x480. Downside to this, tearing


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                yeah ive run AVGARES, but it didnt seem to work. Then i realised i had "add dash" ticked, so mame couldnt understand anything, fixed that and ive made progress now.

                Seems that my soft-15khz is chaging to all the required resolutions, but it is making them different physical sizes. I thought the point of changing a resolution was to change the size of the pixels so the physical size was the same, but there were more/less pixels in that physical 800x600 to 1024x768, your whole monitor is still used, just more smaller pixels.

                I suppose this means that my card, although it is "changing" to the desired resolution, it may not be able to support the required pixel size, and hence smaller resolutions are making smaller physical pictures than larger ones.

                I suppose i'll fiddle around with HWSTRETCH, but this seems to be a bit of a "nono" in the practice of buying an authentic monitor for authentic resolutions, then stretching and skewing them...

                Does anyone know any commonplace solutions to this? Obvisouly i can stretch the screen to fit the largest horizontal res, and the largest vertical res. Pity is that then smaller games dont take up the entire screen, any it looks silly to play Punisher in a box only taking 2/3. If it means much, my own "golden age" as a 21yo is the early 90's, so most of my games are relatively modern.
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