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What's your favourite Cab Frontend


Discussion on building MAME cabinets.

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    What's your favourite Cab Frontend

    Originally posted by TheChilcott View Post
    Is it easier with the HyoerSync or is there a complete download with platinum?
    With a platinum membership it allows you to use the hypersync app to download the front end media. It's well worth it.
    All the common gaming consoles and arcade systems are well covered using this app. More obscure system require manual setup to get all the artwork.
    You will also need an emumovies membership to be able to sync video snaps, again well worth it. You don't have the hassle of trawling through thousands of vids.

    There is a promo code for platinum hyperspin members where you can get an emumovies membership for a discount.

    There is no magic silver bullet that gets you all the artwork and vids with one click.... But having memberships does make it a hell of a lot easier.

    I have about 70 systems or so setup in hyperspin.
    Also remember hyperspin is purely the front end.... You need an emulator launcher aswell.
    I use rocketlauncher (it's fantastic once you get your head around it). System setups are so much easier than say 3 years ago.

    Shoot me a message if you have any questions...

    Hope this info helps.
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      I use Hyperspin 1.3 as I haven't updated to 1.4 and rocket launcher, But using hyper sync with platinum membership and emu movies made it some much easier!


        Thanks for the advice guys!


          My vote is for Attract Mode. I was going to use Mala because I wanted something fairly lightweight without the headaches of setting up Hyperspin, but it was too much of a pain in the arse to try and get working with the latest mame. Attract mode was easy to set up and configure custom menus by adding filter rules. Thumbs up from me.


            +1 for Attract Mode

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              +1 for Attract Mode also. Easy to setup, not boring to look at like MaLa and not too busy like Hyperspin.


                I'm an "Other" (but almost a GameEx)

                My PinCab is also a MAME cab with controls on the lockbar. I'm a big PinballX fan and it handles MAME just as simply as it does VP.


                  I'm also an "other"

                  Is anyone else using Launchbox and/or BigBox?

                  Launchbox is free and very easy to set up for any emulator and does all the hard work. Paying for a licence also gives you BigBox, once set up you never need a keyboard or mouse again, just fantastic for cabinet use.


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