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  • Project show-off thread

    Hi all,

    A lot of us have built cabinets for jukeboxes, Mame, restorations, etc... and whilst many of us post our own projects as we do them, they eventually sink to the bottom and dont provide a useful repository of examples to new members.

    Lets use this thread to post a single reply each with screenshots and information (such as cost breakdowns/links to our inspirations/instruction websites/etc). Also mention if you're happy to take questions/PMs about 'how-did-you-do-that' etc

    Any in-progress projects can be updated (edited) as the intention is to have a concise thread for newcomers and people starting new projects who want a bit of inspiration. Preferably we wouldnt give feedback/comments in this thread and leave it only for project summaries.

    Mods/Admins: Not sure if there's a way to 'enforce' one post each on a particular thread? If you agree with the concept, how about pinning this?


    Edit: I guess I'll go first

    Project Summary:
    • 2 Player Upright Arcade cabinet running MAME (Arcade Games), Gens (Sega MegaDrive/Genesis emulator), Project 64 (Nintendo 64 emulator), DOSbox (for running retro DOS PC games), Virtual Pinball (Pinball emulation) as well as Ultrastar (Karaoke, like Singstar on PS2) and Jukebox software (for playing MP3s)... all running on a single front end (Mala) controlled by the joysticks.
    • The whole unit comes on at once when turned on from mains (pc also has an illuminated green button on the control panel above the coin door for power override in case the PC crashes).
    • The cabinet is painted with black high-gloss enamel paint and bordered with red T-Moulding.
    • The display is a 21" flat screen (Trinitron) CRT Monitor (it had a black bezel - bonus), surrounded by a flat black 6mm ply bezel and covered by a piece of tinted hardened safety glass. (I definitely recommend tinted glass for the display)
    • Marquee was home made and mounted behind 4mm picture frame glass and backlit with a 15 watt fluorescent lamp.
    • The control panel has 6 colour-coded buttons for each player (2 rows of yellow, orange, red buttons), Player 1 & Player 2 start buttons, and side pinball flipper buttons, side tilt buttons, virtual front tilt button (L&R tilt together) and illuminated red 'launch' button.
    • Control panel can function as a stand-alone unit (completely enclosed and easily removable - it is held in place with hook & eye locks behind the control panel (accessible via keyboard drawer and/or coin door) and also has velcro tabs underneath).
    • Slide-out keyboard tray for system administration with mini-USB keyboard and top-mounted trackball. There is a USB cable coupled with the keyboard cable so its possible to plug in USB gadgets (eg phone chargers/mp3 players/console controllers, etc). The trackball can also be taken out to play Arcade games that use trackballs, like golf.
    • Two original 20c coin mechanisms (not yet shown on this site) for adding credits (and reclaiming back my kids pocket money)
    • 6" 3-way sony x-plod speakers hooked up to PC speaker subwoofer setupwith headphone bypass and auxiliary input (ipods/phones/etc)
    • Audio & TV Out which can be used to plug into home theatre (surround sound/TV out) for jukebox function etc

    Project documentation/website:

    Construction photos:
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    Originally posted by dmworking247 View Post
    ...people starting new projects who want a bit of inspiration.
    That's very important - when I first started thinking about building a MAME cab, I got pretty excited, but after doing a bit of research on the net, I was daunted by the mass of sites showing projects from a heavy technical angle that seemed completely out of my capability .....and it put me off,

    My enthusiasm died completely almost overnight and it was a whole year before I discovered this board, which I am very thankful for suddenly my inspiration was back! a local message board with local people who are only too pleased to help newbies with the learning curve.


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      I said only one post each but its being lost!

      so.. *bump*

      There's been a lot of new members joining recently and I know I'd have liked a single thread to gather inspiration and ideas... how about it people, post your project summaries here!

      Black Tiger: Any chance you could edit your post and add a summary of your own project?
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        I made this thread a sticky for now, lets see how it goes.


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          pphht... whats wrong with you lot... too busy in-fighting to put a quick summary about your project and your own hot tips to help the (seemingly frequent) new members joining the forum?

          For shame.. don't go cryin when they ask the same old questions
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            Originally posted by dmworking247 View Post
            pphht... whats wrong with you lot... too busy in-fighting to put a quick summary about your project and your own hot tips to help the (seemingly frequent) new members joining the forum?

            For shame.. don't go cryin when they ask the same old questions
            Shame to leave a man hanging, so Ill put up my old burnt offering.


            Ill add the specs when I get a chance & I need to get some better shots since this cab is fully finished. Im building 2 more cabs at the moment so Ill do a better job of posting those.


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              This cocktail is scratch-built and self-designed. It has a rotating monitor, which is manually operated by turning a wheel near the base.

              It lives outside my house on my back deck, normally under a waterproof car cover.

              Control panels
              One side has a standard "2 joystick/6 buttons-per" arrangement, plus a 2.25" trackball. The buttons are in a candy-cab style arc layout.
              The other side has a single joystick, four buttons in an arc and a spinner.
              There is a toggle switch that swaps "player 1" control from one side to the other. For cocktail flipping games, therefore, player 1 sits on the side with the single joystick.

              Three admin buttons exist (duplicated on both sides) - a shift key (Keywiz "Shazzaamm" key), and two primarily dedicated to "pause" and "exit".

              The machine gratefully accepts Australian 20c pieces via a single coin slot.

              The software in there is MAME 0.121, Visual Pinball 8.1/VPinMame 1.56 and MaLa 1.04. The OS is WinXP.

              MaLa front end layout self-designed and bespoke.

              The computer is an Athlon 2500+, Nvidia FX5200 video, 1GB of RAM and a 120GB HDD.
              The screen is a Mitsubishi 19" CRT PC monitor, partially decased.
              Four 120mm fans running on 5V provide cooling. I have mounted two per short side, breathing in from the front, out from the rear.
              Two 4" full-range car speakers provide sound, mounted facing the floor underneath the cab.

              One face contains a volume control for the stereo speakers, two USB ports and two headphone ports.

              Power is supplied via a single "kettle cord" that can be attached to / detached from the carcass. A single switch powers on everything and boots the PC. A second switch can kill power to the monitor, to allow for degaussing after rotation.

              Top glass is 750mm x 1000mm. Overall footprint is about 1m square. Table top height is around 670mm from the floor.

              Edit - 26 Jan 2008. Completed late December 07.

              Progress threads:

              Will continue to update this post periodically.
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                Adams Arcade Machine

                Hey everyone !

                I have just started constructing my cabinet this weekend.
                Here is my blog on the project - MyBlog

                I will be using my girlfriends computer to run it -

                Intel Celeron 2.6GHz
                760Mb ram
                40 GB HDD
                and i will be sourcing a 21" monitor from ebay sometime too.

                It just gonna be a 2 player CP , but ill be using my old OZstick joystick until i make it.


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                  Originally posted by AdamC View Post

                  I will be using my girlfriends computer to run it -
                  I hope she's cool with it and knows.
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                    I havent really been to this site much in the past months since almost finishing my Cab. I guess when summer comes my arcade obsession goes on the backburner.

                    Ok here it goes,

                    I made a Lowboy from scratch, mainly cos i wanted it a size that wouldnt be the main focus of the room. Its located in the bar room, but hopefully oneday it will be in a dedicated entertainment room next to a home theatre.

                    Its made from MDF, painted, parts from 2 Aussie suppliers, 21 inch crt computer monitor squeezed in, inspired by all the beat ups in take away shops, plans and ideas taken from various aussie arcade and byoac posts.

                    If anyone has any questions PM me or email me at and im happy to assist if i can.

                    My next move will be finish this in the next few weeks, got the marquee now, just need some perspex for the marquee cover, and some perspex/glass to cover the monitor. After that im thinking bout making a mini mame machine, or maybe pumping about 5 out in one go as there isnt much more effort to make 5 than 1. Or a cocktail machine. Id love a Pinny but they are quite expensive and couldnt find much info on making them from scratch.

                    So here are some pics...

                    You can view my build up thread here:



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                      only just noticed this thread! nice lowboy miike (",)

                      this is my rotating monitor cocktail cab i made a bit over 3 years ago

                      lots of info here:


                      construction pics and a short vid of the beast in action, a long winded story about my journey into mame (hey, its my site ill say what i want!), links to other aussie cocktail projects, a cost breakdown etc...

                      man i miss my machine. i really should get it freighted down to brissie...
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                        Here is my low budget effort using a generic upright cab. Picked up this freebie from Dickesons about 4 years ago. Does the job, but could have been a lot more attractive.



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                          here is a link to my red lowboy build up, its working nicely

                          and this is a link to my Yellow Amiga Emulator Cabinet. Working on it little at a time
                          rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
                          if your new to electronics and


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                            I already made a thread but didn't realize this was here so I'll post my second attempt at a upright. I made this with no plans. Just the bits I liked and stole from such places as Make your arcade controls page and Arcadeathome.



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                              Hey Y'alll

                              I've "almost" finished my Mame cab and feel like showing it off so here goes:

                              its started as a Neo Geo 4 in 1 Upright 2 player cab, something went wrong and I couldnt fix it so I whipped out the internals and put in a PC.
                              At the moment its running Windows XP with mame snes and megadrive games, but I plan to go to ubuntu in the future after a little tweaking.

                              computer hardware:
                              512Mb Ram
                              40Gb Hard Disk
                              Radeon 9600
                              15" LCD screen

                              I wanted to be able to use the computer as an extra PC when home-lanning , so I made the screen on a hinge and it can flip up to vertical so you can put a small desk infront of the cab and use it as a normal PC & play games with a keyboard/mouse.
                              I'm just using a little hand held trackball for navigating menu's and choosing games

                              the joysticks are hacked USB joypads that work OK for the moment but sometime in the future I'll get some new sticks and add a few buttons to the control pad for street fighter and wire them up to a keywiz because for some reason Linux Mame dosent like 2 joypads.

                              anyway, here are the pics!
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