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    Originally posted by rocket_boy2 View Post
    get rid of that pc equipment and get yourself a dell or hp sff and remove that entire headache.
    Nice necro

    He wouldn't be able to install the AVGA cards though, although a $20 radeon 5450 using crt_emudriver is always a better bet for 15kHz monitors. Something more powerful would work even better, though it would be more expensive. If he uses linux he wouldn't need either, of course, but i'm presuming he wants windows because he had the AVGA's to begin with.
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      Wait till the RaspberryJAMMA for the Pi 4 is available.

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        Hey it's not that old. Only nearly a year, and a few days ago marks my 10 year annivesary with Aussie Arcade. Was it really that long ago and I still haven't finished this cabinet?

        For me first and foremost is the 15 kHz experience with a CRT, running with perfect V-sync. Nothing can beat it, no display processing to worry about and the refresh rate of the old monitors still outclasses any LCD screen I've seen. Quality and resolution not so much... but that's not why I made the MAME cabinet.
        I might consider other options but when I built the thing ArcadeVGA was the only option as it was 'plug and play'.

        The story ended up being a happy one. My wife and I decided to clean out a cupboard and miraculously I found my old PC motherboard from years ago with AGP. It only had PATA HD connectors though and it turned out a mate of mine had and old HD in his PC for uni. 10 GB, but it'll do. Plugged it in, installed Windows XP, Ultimarc and... it worked. Copied my MAMEwah backup across and I was cracking out R-Type into the night. I regularly go out and play it, the kids love it, and it's one of the pleasures of life.

        One day... one day... I'll spend some cash on it and have it presentable. If the PC dies I'll look into what buttersoft has recommended.


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