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When making an MAME cab.........

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  • When making an MAME cab.........

    When making a Mame cab one thing that somtimes can be a pain in the ass is to add new roms or change settings. Ok, to make this easier heres what you do.

    You install a network!!!!

    1. install win 98 ,2000 or Xp on the computer in the cab!

    2. Get a network hub and some network cord and any pci cards you need and intall them and do the cableing.

    3. Setup the MAME folder on the cab computer.

    4. Setup the network using the wizards On both of your computers.
    (sevice computer and cab!)

    TIP Links! (Google is your friend!)

    5.Make the MAME folder on the cab computer a shared folder!

    6. Now you can add roms and change the config files without having to plug in the keyboard and mouse into the cab. Also you don't need to burn the rom files to a cd then go to the cab...... etc,etc!

    Now, what if you don't want to use windeos on your CAB?! You want to use DOS OR FREEDOS!


    1. have a cd rom drive in your cab and in the BIOS make the cab comp. cd bootable.

    2. Make a CD so that when the computer boots it goes to the front end!

    3.Now, if you want to add somthing you just take the CD out and then it will boot to WIN 98/2000/XP what ever!

    I hope this helps you! If this make no sence please post Q and/or PM if you don't want to look dumb!

    Also, ponit out any spelling error. PLEASE!

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    I think that all made sence

    When I get around to this part of my project I may well be getting back to you....

    Originally posted by listerofsmeg View Post
    Also, ponit out any spelling error. PLEASE!
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