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mame 32 shutdown??

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  • mame 32 shutdown??

    hi, thankyou to all who helped with my last question on joystick prob....sorry for no reply last week... mame 32 on ...all worked fine until i tried new settings which worked once would not allow other changes eg with screen settings....i then tried to reset all settings and then found i could not open games at all!!.....screen would just flash on mame32 screen and do nothing......What the #$*!
    Help please in newbie terms.

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    First of all make sure your mame32 folder (directory) is in C:\ All the defaults point to that.
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      Need more info rohtom!

      WHAT settings did you change? Thru the menubar in the MAME32 GUI, or did you load a game then hit TAB and do changes in those menus?

      If the latter, go into the CFG directory and rename a file called DEFAULT.CFG to something else (maybe DEFAULT.OLD) which will force MAME to regenerate that file with all the 'factory' defaults.

      Do you get any error messages pop up when trying to run a game? If so then let us know what they are as it will help.

      A screenshot or two may be useful too.

      If you don't want to go thru all that, it might just be easier to delete it all and start again. Except for your ROMs that is - move them to C:\ROMS and when you reinstall MAME32 go to OPTIONS --> DIRECTORIES and insert that directory so the program knows where your ROMS are.



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        i got a set of roms with mame32 as the frontend and installed it....its weird.....could it be a hardware prob....or can this happen through the frontend alone?

        i changed the settings through the menu bar back to default settings...
        ive done this twice haaving to re-install all the roms again......thanks for the tip on making that process quicker....but still when i cahnge any settings from the menu bar like display settings it changes once .....wont change back so then i try to restore default settings on all games.......and it then wont even start a game....!!
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