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Saving Game Progress In Mame??

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  • Saving Game Progress In Mame??


    Is it possible to save your game progress in MAME so next time you load that game up you can start playing again from where you left off?? I think it might have something to do with "Save State" and "Load State" but I can't seem to get it working. I use a version of Buddamame and i have remapped these keys to butons on my control panel. Whilst playing a game I press the button for save state and it says saving to slot 3 or state 3 or something similar. But when I press the Load State I get an error message.

    Am I along the right tracks or is it not possible to save your game?? if it is do you pause the game before saving and when do you load again (from the title screen?? during gameplay??

    Thanks in advance

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    Save Game: Shift -F7 then pick a 'slot' between 1 and 9 (yes up to 9 concurrent saves for each game!
    Load Game: F7 then the 'slot' number you saved to.


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