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Discussion on building MAME cabinets.

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  • Help a MAME tard out!

    So ive always just used v78 mame. And not just that, mame32. I'm a tard when it comes to this stuff. I am perfectly happy sticking with that, but sometimes I enter friendly comps where you play selection of arcade games and my old version won't play that particular game. My question is, what is the simplest, while being more up to date than v78 mame combo I can put on my 32 bit xp machine? Is there anything plug and play anymore for PC's or has it all been overshadowed by Pandora etc?
    Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...

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    Hi, you can still download a 32Bit Windows installer for V0.217 from under previous releases. It dates from the end of 2019 and will run almost everything with the most recent enhancements up to that point. It should still run pretty well on an old clunker!

    You can use its own frontend by just running 'mame' without any switches or you can use other frontends or specify the rom e.g.. 'mame missile' for Missile Command, from a command prompt.

    Some of the romsets are more comprehensive than for V0.78 so not all of your existing roms will run - it'll tell you if something's missing...

    No reason why you can't have both verrsions on one PC, in their own directories.

    Hope this helps, regards, John.
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      Yes, in general I'm happy with what I got in my cocktail cab and whatever else I use will co exist on the same PC. That will be my 'competition' version for the MAME Gaming League. Someone else pointed me towards powermame which might be able to play the ROMs I can't currently play.

      On my upright I put together a PC and Kaizen put quite a few hours of his time setting it up for me. Had an arcade VGA card and a late release of mame with a kajillion ROMs. I deleted about 17000 in one afternoon and still had a brazillion 😄

      But it's out of action at the moment so I bought a Pandora's box just so my upright wasn't just sitting there. It's useful but doesn't have one of the games in the current comp. It also won't drive my servostiks of course which is a great pity.

      But for now, I just need the easiest way to play Dangerous Dungeons! Maybe that means swinging by someone's place and having a couple of games on their machine. There's a cider in it for you 🤠

      PS: something I like about sticking with mame78 on my cocktail is it's a bit retro itself now. It's what I used when I first built that cab. I'm on my third mb in 16 years but still the same software. I kinda get that same thrill of the first time. Only update is I'm using Mala front end on it now. My monitor rotates so it's a really nice touch that Mala rotates with it
      Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...


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        Always welcome to drop by my garage to set some scores danny_galaga. Can help with the MAME side of things as well.


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          I'm happy to help you out mate. I live in Brisbane and have been at this emulation stuff for about 25 years now.


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            HI, What would be the minimum spec for the latest 64b bit MAME? (Just downloaded 0.228).

            I am looking at building a cocktail PC Cabinet And I've got a Dell Optiplex 3010. Which is basically a I3 2 core 3.3Ghz. Only got 2g ram at the moment but will have 4g by the end of the week. Only onboard GPU at present.
            I only ask as I have tried to run Launchbox as the frontend and it became an untrainable pig! I an assuming it is the lack of ram, but i don't know for sure atm.


            p.s. I'd love to pick some brains at some point, What side of the river are you guys on?


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