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Groovytime - Automated GroovyMAME + CRT_EMU installer


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  • Groovytime - Automated GroovyMAME + CRT_EMU installer

    Hey guys,

    ​​​​​​ dzhay1981 linked to this in another thread and I decided to give it a crack.

    It's called Groovytime, and is an automated installer for Windows 7 + GroovyMAME + CRT_EMU driver. I setup the build on an ATI R7 240 card and it worked perfectly.

    As anyone who has setup MAME machines would know, configuring CRT_EMU can be a pain in the ass. This image makes it easy as pie. All you do is create a bootable USB from the image, boot your PC from it and then restore a Windows image from the pre-configured restore software on the USB.

    Windows will then boot and guide you through a series of steps to install CRT_EMU and configure the modelines for proper 15khz. The install is seamless and if you do it all correctly, you will be going from a blank hdd, to booting in 15khz in less than 30 minutes.

    The image comes with GroovyMAME 0.220. The latest version of GroovyMAME is 0.225. There is an option built into the image to upgrade MAME if you want, but I just installed the 0.220, as it was already a big upgrade from the version I previously had. It doesn't come with ROMS, but they are easy to find.

    Once it is all setup, Windows has been completely shelled out and is never visible unless you choose to restore functionality. It boots direct to Attract Mode, with a bunch of preinstalled themes that all work perfectly out of the box.

    I have been thoroughly impressed with the entire build. I setup a new image yesterday and then started to use the built in filter options in Attract Mode to create a No-Clones list and then various other game lists.

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    Originally posted by namastepat View Post

    I setup a new image yesterday and then started to use the built in filter options in Attract Mode to create a No-Clones list and then various other game lists.
    Hi Pat,

    How do you deal with all of the clones for games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc? Do you just switch all the clones off? Some parent roms don’t work but their clones do, I guess you are just not having that game in your No-Clones list?



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      I just get a complete, split romset. Then I use the filtering in Attract Mode to filter out stuff I don't want. I start with a No Clones filter, which is something along the lines of this.

      Set Target: Cloneof
      Set Value: Does not equal
      Set last thing (forgot the name): .*

      The filtering in Attract Mode is pretty crazy. It's a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand the 3 menu values, it's easy to filter out what you don't want. I setup No Clones first, then I filter out games by category, shit like Casino, Home Systems, Portable Systems etc. There's a lot of shit you want to filter.

      If there is a game I want to play that I need a special version to work (Like SFIII: Third Strike NOCD version) then I go to my all games list, then add the specific game to favourites.


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        Thanks Pat, much appreciated. How do you cycle through your game lists when a keyboard is not connected?


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          I set the button for game list forward and backward to right and left on the 2 player joystick. You can set it up however you like, but I do the following.

          Up and down on the 1p joystick goes up and down the gameslist.
          Right and left on 1p joystick is page down and page up on the gameslist.
          1P start is select a game.
          2P joystick left and right changes gameslists.
          Button 6 on the 2P side adds to favourites.

          I find that this enables me to do everything I need without a keyboard hooked up.


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            Thanks Pat, much appreciated. I will muck around with the Attract Mode settings to see what I like. I am using an RPi so I don’t have as many options as I would with a PC, but I’ll work something out



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