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confused about split roms

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  • confused about split roms

    Hi All

    Its been a while since I mucked around with mame. I have a complete split rom set 0.193 which I want to use only a handful of games from.
    I am under the impression that with a split set I can use the parent rom only and run the game.
    I am using Mameui64 to load the games.
    I have made a folder containing the ROMS I want to use. If I set the Rom directory in mameUI to that folder some roms dont work. If I set the folder to the complete list they do.
    One example is Arkanoid. I have copied what I believe to be the parent rom -, but it wont load.

    I dont have room on my cab hard drive for a complete rom set.
    I must be missing something.

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    Read this:

    Are your's split or split merged?
    Have to refined the games list only to the roms you have using an audit?

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      Hi Brad.

      I just figured out what I had to do. Its always the way after you post!
      I had to install the mame bios files
      I havent tested all of the roms yet but I have tested about 6 or so and they are working so far. I have quite a few to check.


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