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4 player mame cabinet


Discussion on building MAME cabinets.

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    Yes I agree, the Pi 3 def needs the higher 2.5A power supply, particularly if you will have a couple of the USB ports in use. There have been reports of the pis not functioning correctly is underpowered under higher processing loads.


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      I've had some low voltage warnings when I run USB powered speakers out of the Pi's - but that was with a Pi2. I've been using Pi3's in the the builds I've been doing lately without the warning. As Dee2er said, get the official Pi PSU and you should be right.

      For my own image i use a 32GB card which can be had inc delivery for around $11, decent quality Sandisk. I'm running Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, which gobble up a couple GB on their own. PSX games are pretty big too, can run 500MB to 1GB ish, but Arcade-only you can easily get by with smaller cards. Also depends on how much media you want - if you want gameplay videos in the front end, as that can really chew up space when you're talking thousands of roms.

      Only with the Pi3 B+ increased grunt has later Midway games like NBA Jam Maximum hangtime become Arcade-perfect, which might interest you building a 4P cab.

      Will be following this build thread, your cab looks like it's going to be great !

      On heatsinks, what dee2er said. I've never seen need to run heatsinks, only when overclocking do you need them - and it seems like only people interested in N64 emulation or those 'chronic tweakers' want to overclock the Pi3 B+ to increase their frame rate for bragging rights... For 80's and 90's Arcade, you wont need to overclock or cool anything, from what i have seen and played so far, anyway!
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        I think long term I will just get a powerboard with USB port on it that will live in the cabinet as I will need to connect tv and speakers etc.


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