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    Hi all,

    I'm a bit of a a mame noob. But ive been playing around with mame 32 for years on and and off. Now I've built my first cab I've been trying to use a front end with no success.

    Is there a good tutorial to follow?

    And whats up with Mame, how the hell do you run it? i see no .exe (not mame32)

    Ive got mala and mamewah, they both have me scratching my head.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Use atomicFE with mame32 and all should be fine.


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      Do you have the correct version of MAME from here?

      DL it to its own folder called MAME under C:
      Then just point MALA to it for the executable and roms, snaps etc.


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        Thanks guys,

        I'll give both a go.


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          Thanks guys, i have got it working.


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            Just out of interest, which front-end did you choose?


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              Originally posted by cuavas View Post
              Just out of interest, which front-end did you choose?
              u didnt ask me but anyway u could try mala or mamewah..

              i use mamewah myself... highly configurable but can take a while to get it up and running if u havent used it b4...


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                Gameex is a awesome front end. does all sorts of stuff
                rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
                if your new to electronics and


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                  I use AtomicFE, I find it very easy to setup and use. And there are heaps of settings to play around with if you want to customise the front-end to your own taste



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                    I gave up on the front end while finishing off my cab, i need to start playing around again.


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