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    Attract Mode ROM filters

    I'm building 2 new MAME Win 7 PCs one for a vertical setup and other for horizontal setup. Its been ages since I have done any ROM sorting, lists or filters etc.
    I'm using Attract Mode as the frontend.

    I can get list of MAME ROMs to show up but I can't get the filtering to work.
    I want to have Filters for No Clones and either Vertical games or Horizontal games and Cave games.

    I have tried what is on this page to see if I could get some filters working.
    Example filters · mickelson/attract Wiki · GitHub

    I have added Catver.ini to the import files and regenerated the list but SHMUPS list is blank and No Clones lists the same amount of games as All.

    My Setup is similar to this:

    Filter empty

    Thanks for any help
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    Just to add to the info here, ROMlister isn't working correctly right? It doesn't spit out a proper list when you point it to your MAME dir?


      Before trying the filters in Attract Mode I did also try Romlister and Simple Arcade Multifilter and a few others. Romlister filtered games but way to many it only had a small amount of games listed. Also with Simple Arcade Multifilter no matter what I choose to filter the ROMs it copied were 1084 in total each time, maybe a bug? (weird that its 1084, sort of like 1084 bytes)
      I have have not had any luck so far with any of the programs and Attract Mode was my last hope to get filtered ROMs.


        What version of Mame are you using? From memory Rom Lister can't handle the newer formats as they changed and the author hasn't released an update since 2015 =(

        When I generate filtered lists I use an older version of mame and rom set

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          I'm using 202 version of Mame. Yes Romlister has to convert the file for the newer format. I do have an older set but for this build I would try and have new updated version.
          Late last night I ended up getting some of the filtering working with Attract Mode by taking out some of the filter options. I will muck around with it some more when I get a chance.


            I have more of an understanding on how the filtering works, also SpudJones send me his cfg file so I'm well on my way to finally having the filtering working. I will post my config file once I finish it.


              Originally posted by Ryan555 View Post
              I will post my config file once I finish it.
              Yeah that would be cool. From memory i had trouble with AM's filtering and gave up and culled roms instead


                Ok this is what I have so far.
                Below are the 2 files that need editing in Attract Mode. First file is Attract.cfg in the installed directory and the the other mame.cfg is in the sub directory of emulators.
                Groovy Mame includes the ini files needed.
                Build a games list in Attract mode and the filters should work.
                The filters that show up in Attract mode are Classics that only show 1977 to 1984, SHMUPS that only show vertical shooters, Cave only show Cave made games, Horizontal show only Horizontal games and Vertical only show vertical games (with out adult games).


                # Generated by Attract-Mode v2.5.1
                display mame202
                layout Attrac-Man
                romlist mame202
                in_cycle yes
                in_menu yes
                filter All
                filter Classics
                rule Title not_contains bootleg|prototype|Sports|Trivia|Quiz|Mahjong
                rule Year equals 1977|1978|1979|1980|1981|1982|1983|1984
                rule Control contains joystick
                rule Control contains 2-way|4-way|8-way
                filter SHMUPs
                rule Category contains Shooter
                rule Category contains Flying
                rule Category contains Vertical
                filter Cave
                rule Manufacturer contains Cave
                filter Horizontal
                rule Rotation not_equals 90|270
                filter Vertical
                rule Title not_contains prototype|Trivia|Quiz|Mahjong|Mature|Adult
                rule Category not_contains Casino|Tabletop|Electromechanical|Quiz|Trivia|Mahj ong|Adult|Fruit|Mature
                rule Rotation equals 90|270
                filter Favourites
                rule Favourite equals 1

                sound_volume 100
                ambient_volume 100
                movie_volume 100

                configure Tab
                prev_letter LControl+Up
                next_letter LControl+Down
                filters_menu LControl+Left
                next_filter LControl+Right
                configure Escape+Up
                edit_game Escape+Down
                add_favourite Escape+LControl
                prev_letter Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button0
                next_letter Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button0
                filters_menu Joy0 Left+Joy0 Button0
                next_filter Joy0 Right+Joy0 Button0
                configure Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button1
                edit_game Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button1
                add_favourite Joy0 Button0+Joy0 Button1
                back Escape
                back Joy0 Button1
                up Up
                up Joy0 Up
                down Down
                down Joy0 Down
                left Left
                left Joy0 Left
                right Right
                right Joy0 Right
                select Return
                select LControl
                select Joy0 Button0
                default back exit
                default up prev_game
                default down next_game
                default left prev_display
                default right next_display

                language en
                default_font arial
                font_path %SYSTEMROOT%/Fonts/
                screen_saver_timeout 600
                displays_menu_exit yes
                hide_brackets no
                startup_mode default
                confirm_favourites yes
                confirm_exit yes
                mouse_threshold 10
                joystick_threshold 75
                window_mode default
                filter_wrap_mode default
                track_usage yes
                multiple_monitors no
                smooth_images yes
                selection_max_step 128
                selection_speed_ms 40
                move_mouse_on_launch yes
                scrape_snaps yes
                scrape_marquees yes
                scrape_flyers yes
                scrape_wheels yes
                scrape_fanart yes
                scrape_videos no
                scrape_overview yes
                hide_console no
                menu_prompt Displays Menu

                param detect_aspect Yes
                param layout_rotation none
                param play_intro No
                param video_16x9 intro.mp4
                param video_3x4 intro_3x4.mp4
                param video_4x3 intro_4x3.mp4
                param video_9x16 intro_9x16.mp4
                param video_default intro.mp4

                # Generated by Attract-Mode v2.5.1
                executable C:\groovymame64\mame64.exe
                args [name]
                workdir C:\groovymame64\.
                rompath C:\MAME202ROMs(merged)/
                romext .zip;.7z
                system Arcade
                info_source listxml
                import_extras C:\groovymame64\ini\catver.ini;C:\groovymame64\ini \nplayers.ini;C:\groovymame64\ini\UI_files\mature. ini
                artwork marquee c:\groovymame64/marquee
                artwork snap c:\groovymame64/artwork/snaps


                  I use LightSpeed MameLister to generate lists, you launch ROMs straight from the results, right click and remove games you don't like and then export to Attract Mode. I find its much easier to use than the others and it works great. Although some versions are better than others, I think 0.183_Beta1 gave me the best results. Last time I check though the developer had given up on the project, a real shame.


                    I did hear about that software recently but have not tried it. I will download it and try it out one time. It would be good if someone could keep updating it to carry on from the original developer.


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