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Tiger heli bootleg?

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  • Tiger heli bootleg?

    Tiger Heli bootleg ?

    Sprites and large heli in intro screen don?t look quite right
    Missing about every 4th column of pixels.
    Suspecting a possible bad eprom or bad ram
    Verify eproms against mame sets all but one of the eproms verify ok
    A manual compare on the eprom that failed to verify reveal only minor
    differences possible undumped rom ??? This is one of the main program
    eproms so not the problem.
    After testing the boards with various eproms missing found the sprite
    Generation is done on the top board time to get out the scope and have a probe
    Around the ram on the top board found the 2114 labelled IC39 at location M5
    Had all of its data pins stuck remove the ram fit a socket and replacement ram
    Sprites now good game plays ok time to tidy up the boards and replace a
    few broken off and damaged caps.
    Another board rescued from the tip.
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