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Blue elf 108-1 pcb

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  • Blue elf 108-1 pcb

    Symptoms: The games play but no video ouput (sync is ok however)

    Solution: replaced dead 4053M Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer.

    Note that it is possible to shunt the input/output pins of the chip so you can get video without the 4053M. But you need the chip anyway at least for protection.

    Some notes about the blue elf pcb. It is composed of two pcb.

    - One main pcb which includes the jamma connector, logic circuitry for the inputs, mono audio amplifier, a Resistor based RGB dac and the sdcard slot.

    - The other pcb plugs onto the main pcb and contains the cpu (intel arm based), sdram, flash memory for the bios and a frame buffer chip used to generate 15 bit 15Khz video output.
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