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  • World Rally Repair Log

    Symptom: Some colours wrong, for example car sprite colours and the hand at the start of a race. Also the test card colours in test mode
    Cure: Bad outputs on pins 12 and 13 of the 74LS298 at location G3

    Symptom: Some text a bit mangled
    Cure: Broken pin 7 on 27C4001 at location I11

    Symptom: Couldn?t adjust sound volume correctly
    Cure: A 5K volume pot had been used instead of the correct 4.7K

    Symptom: On power up, giving: RAM ERROR AT 00203FFE (sometimes the last three alphanumerics varied)
    Cure: Bad OKI MSM6295 at location C6

    Symptom: Sound a mess
    Cure: Bad OKI MSM6295 at location C6

    Symptom: Starting speech ?3 ? 2 ? 1 Go? kept repeating
    Cure: Pin 34 (A16) loose on OKI MSM6295 at location C6

    Symptom: 1 pixel high horizontal black line across the whole display on every other pixel line. Also colours a bit off.
    Cure: Bad output on pin 15 of the 74LS298 at location I3

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