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Black Tiger Repair Log

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  • Black Tiger Repair Log

    Symptom: Colours in large ?Black Tiger? text are wrong when watching attract mode, also no yellow outline to them but sometimes vertical stripes started appearing while eventually took over the whole screen
    Cure: Replaced bad 28pin 86S100 on lower board, location 1N

    Symtpm: Various background colours wrong, as well as main title text on high score table, no grey shading on that large text, etc.
    Cure: Replaced bad 74LS273 at location 12H on top board

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    Do you know what the 86s100s are? From their position on the boards compared to whats on my bootleg I would have said they were SRAMs of some description, 6264s possibly.

    Bugger all info on them online which makes me wonder if they were some form of capcom custom.
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