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  • Pengo

    This one just fixed and was one of the first boards I ever worked on. This board had a few problems.
    The background of the game was blue instead of black and all the green snow bees were missing and just blocks the rest of the graphics were fine.

    Fix: Bad N82S137N Colour Prom at IC88
    Funny this one, In my eternal stupidness When I was fault finding I accidently put the colour prom in backwards(not the first time i've done this either!).
    Ordered another prom popped her in and fixed all the problems in the game! ROFL KARMA IS REAL.

    Symptom: No sound
    Fix:Amp was fried and was around the wrong way anyway. Replaced amp with one from a scrap Kid Niki board
    There was also a bad cap at C24

    Symptom: No sync
    Fix: Fool who made the harness wired the sync on the JAMMA fingerboard in the wrong place and no it wasn't me!

    This is the last board out of a bunch of 8 faulty ones i bought together! all fixed! FIGJAM!
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