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    Thought I'd transfer this here.

    Hi guys.
    You may have seen this board on E-bay I snapped it up from the guy for $75 and that was inc postage, its some kind of bootleg converted to Frogger, doing a bit of reading around the net I've seen another pic of a board the same as this but with out the wiring.
    This one uses the Konami 18 pinout.
    I'm wondering if anybody knows what this could have been converted from.
    Some interesting notes. The frogger title is blue instead of green and it says LAI 1981 which is not in mame(see pics)
    I'm wonder if this could have been a JP bodge job, I'm going to reprogram the roms to the Konami or Sega set and also going to make note of all the wiring done, could be helpful for somebody to convert their game to Frogger.

    I fixed a fault on the board which follows.

    Problem: When you coined the game it would start straight away with out having to hit 1 or 2 player buttons.
    With my Logic Probe I checked the 1 player "finger" at the edge connector and it was low(on), I then traced it back to the 74ls367 and found the input at pin 2 was low.
    Making sure there was no resistor etc pulling it down I concluded the chip was bad.
    Fix: bad 74ls367 at 4A on sound board.

    I've also tried to reprogram the roms to the konami and sega version but have had no luck. This mod on this board has been specifically created to run this LAI frogger program.
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    Just looking at the PCB...its marked 'GGI Corp'. KLOV has these guys as being known for making hacks of other games...

    Could it be a Moon Cresta convert? I believe that they were very close hardware-wise as Frogger was a Gremlin/Sega game. Just a guess.
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      The OP's board looks like a scramble (konami / stern) or Billiard type board..

      I had a 1980 'billiard' board that I scored for real cheap and had it converted to Frogger. It runs off my Konami Scramble harness no probs..



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        Cheers for the info mate, I had a feeling it was some sort of Konami Bottleg. I just wanted to know what it may have been originally so i could document the Hack.
        If it is indeed scamble i may convert it back, I wanted a original Frogger board anyway or one that at least had the correct colours

        Strange though how only the LAI program seems to work with the board?

        I found a site with the propper frogger bootleg (see attachment), as you can see it has far less chips.
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          What you have is indeed a bootleg scramble converted to frogger. You can get frogger to run on a number of different board sets. (moon cresta, scramble, galaxian if you can stand the terrible sound)
          Also, Sega and Konami released the same game on different pcbs.

          You can tell it was a scramble as the sound proccessor at 7c is missing. Frogger only uses one sound cpu. This is a common hack.

          Also, Scramble is as versitile as a galaxian pcb as there is a lot of games that will run on the hardware with minor modes. Most the jumper wires you see on the lower pcb deal with the background colour split.

          As a side note, a Minefield pcb has a rider board for this to give you the background colour effect (sort of a copper effect as the Amiga used to do!)



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            Cheers for the info!

            Is there any way to make this run the Konami rom versions or I'd just be happy to have the correct colours for the title screen?
            I'm pretty fickle that way if not ill convert it back to scramble,


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              I'd say off hand that if you used a frogger(konami) colour prom the colours should be correct, but I would have to check this to verify it.


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                No real luck on turning this back to scramble Scramble uses 8 2716s while this board has the spaces for all the roms only every second spot is populated with a socket.
                I didnt have enough 2716s so I joined the roms together making 4 roms instead of the 8.
                I got it to boot up pretty well through the title screen but when it goes to the demo it shits itself. I'm guessing I will need to get hold of some 2716s and populate the rest of the board with sockets.
                There is a little jumper pad which lets you set between 2532,2732 and 2716.
                Anyway I documented the hack for all you peepoles so here it is.

                This board is marked GGI CORP GHC-03b

                5m 74ls86 pin:1 lifted to 5L 74ls86 pin:13
                5m 74ls86 pin:2 lifted to 10L 74ls74 pin:5 lifted
                5m 74ls86 pin:3 lifted to 5A 74ls368 pin 12
                5L 74ls86 pin:4 to 10L 74ls74 pin:2 lifted
                6M 74ls161 pin:12 to 10L 74ls74 pin:3 lifted
                10L 74ls74 pin:4 lifted to 10L 74ls74 pin:14(+5v)
                9L 74ls10 pin:2 to ground.
                5A 74ls368 pin:11 to 8H 74ls08 pin:12 lifted
                5A 74ls368 pin:15 to 4A 74ls367 pin:15

                On the sound board.
                3A 27c367 pin:11 lifted
                6C AY-3-8910 pin:10 to 3C 74ls90 pin:8

                Anybody wants the roms they will have to PM me.
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                  Originally posted by Arcade King

                  Anybody wants the roms they will have to PM me.

                  Are they in Mame?
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                    Originally posted by The Pinny Parlour
                    Are they in Mame?
                    sorry im refering to the LAI Frogger roms you need to turn this particular Scramble into Frogger as no other frogger set will work on this board.

                    If your talking about Scramble roms I tried a few different sets none of which used 4k roms.


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                      Ok Yay

                      Board converted back to Scramble with the help of Geoff(The Prof) who sent me the unprotected rom set cheers.
                      All i need now is the right damn colour prom
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                        just a question but can you use the mame roms to program an arcade pcb as long as it is the same game ?????
                        The best action is wrist action!!!!!!


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                          I've used mame roms to repair many PCBs and convert bootleg boards.
                          In this case None of the Konami/Stern sets in mame worked I needed the unprotected roms Geoff supplied for me.
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                            Well done Trav.
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                              glad they worked.


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