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  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

    Bit of an update from THIS thread.

    Got this board from burra which was going to be a junker but what the hell worth a shot to repair.

    The board came up with 2 bad roms in the start up test which gave some graphics corruption.
    Reprogrammed the roms all sweet.

    The sound fault which was a loud buzzing sound that doesnt go away with adjustment of the volume, this ended up being due to a bad TL084CN OP amp not the AD1851 A/D converter I originally suspected. You couldn't hear any sound over the buzz unless you jacked the volume to full and then you could only hear it faintly.
    I'm pretty sure the TL084 is the same as a common LM324.
    Last thing I did was reprogrammed it to the lasted revision of the game which is 1.2.
    One great thing i love about working on midway stuff is the hardware tests are very accurate.

    Thanks to Stuba for the rom and big thanks to Garuda for a parts board .

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    Well done Trav.

    Its great to see someone who can fix anything thrown at em.
    You leave everyone else for dead when it comes to repairs.
    You have perseverance & patience, things I just dont have.
    I would love to be able to do what you can.
    Good on ya.

    Thanks for your help today.


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