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    Went to fire her up for a game of KOF98 and noticed something wasn't right with the sound. Tried swapping out some carts and all the games were the same, the credit sound was missing which happens to be the same sound used in a lot of fighting games when you select characters.

    Fix: Scopes are great for diagnosing sound problems. Poking around on a working board i found the credit sound comes from the analogue output on pin 27 of the YM2610. going back to the faulty board the sound output was indeed corrupted.
    Replaced the YM2610 everything sweet. I can only assume the onboard DAC shit itself, the rest of the sounds were fine(music, sound fx etc)

    Before I did any repairing I plugged my spare board into the cab only to find it too had a sound problem!
    Problem: right speakers sound was missing, all you got was a hum and some very faint sound.
    Fix:Using the scope again I found the HM13001 sound amp itself was at fault. Replaced the amp and alls sweet.
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