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A very handy trick for switching Sanwa 'JLF' between 4 and 8 way!

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  • A very handy trick for switching Sanwa 'JLF' between 4 and 8 way!

    Here's a very handy tip on how to switch your Sanwa JLF-model joystick between 4 and 8 way operation!

    These are great joysticks in my opinion. They have a 'quality' feel and a very responsive operation. The only downside is wiring it up (you can't use normal quick connects without an optional harness), and its a little bit of a hassle to switch between 4 and 8 way operation (a little harder than other joysticks).

    For the wiring, you can either solder to the pins (if you're cheap like me) or buy yourself an optional harness for quick connects.

    However, I've come up with an easy way to switch between 4 and 8 way.

    Normally, you need to remove the hole restrictor plate from the bottom of the joystick (by carefully prying the 4 black tabs), then PUSHING the center disc out until it unlocks, and then twisting it into the 4 or 8 way position.

    Here's an easy tip to vastly simplify this:

    Step 1: Buy yourself a Sanwa JLF joystick.

    Step 2: Buy yourself an IC Extractor from your local electronics store, and using pliers, bend the hooks OUTWARDS.

    Step 3: Insert your custom 'Sanwa Rotating device" into the joystick, PULL out the inner ring, and rotate it. Done in 3 seconds!

    So now the Sanwa goes from being one of the hardest joysticks to switch, to possibly the easiest joystick to switch*.

    *Except for top-switchable joysticks which cost a lot more!
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    good post mate, moved it too the repair logs and other useful information section.


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      I didn't even realize there was a restrictor inside these sticks. You can't rotate the clear plastic plate because it doesn't line up with those stoopid little clips.

      Nice one.

      How does it feel? Does it really stop you from hitting the diagonals without the plate being rotated? I always use the JLW series but need to use some JLFs for a fighter.


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