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    Hi all,

    Blundering about in the dark here, my 1st PCB repair attempt.


    DEAD: No video. Making a faint 'blaaaark' sound.

    Fixes So Far:

    Incredibly stupid and fragile ceramic wafer was broken on the JAMMA HK-1000 module. I assume this is a filter module of some sort as it seems to take the place of the usual capacitors/inductors on the jamma interface. Repaired 3 broken traces on the wafer.

    That restored what video is available, which is assorted dots and lines, with no movement or hint of booting any further. No response to test button either.

    For what it matters, you can change the volume of the 'blaaark' with the onboard volume control... at least the amp seems to be working...


    That is as far as I got before I got too tired to trust myself.

    Anyone know where I could find any other repair logs for this PCB (or similar) - or toaplan schematics? I have spent a good block of time with google to no results yet...


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    Originally posted by AskJacob View Post
    Making a faint 'blaaaark' sound.
    Best audio fault description ever.
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      I have worked on one of those, The ceramic custom is fragile and is responsible for a few things. Would need to see pictures hi detail of PCB damage and the screen but I would start by checking the clock and CPU along with track damage elsewhere on the PCB.
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        Originally posted by elvis View Post
        Best audio fault description ever.
        Mate, I was strongly influenced in my younger years by this guy:

        Was my favourite cartoonist in Mad magazine....

        Back on topic, I 'll check the usual suspects today (clock, reset etc) - looks like I'll be flying blind with regards to schematics

        Will throw a few pics up shortly...


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          Sorry to bump a VERY old topic here but I have exactly the same issue with a Fixeight here.

          No "blark" sound (volume pot seems responsive though) but that stupid ceramic thing (HK-1000)was pretty much completely borked on mine, splits all at the very edge, no way to bridge the connections at all. I removed it from the board and cracked it open (no easy task and nearly useless too since it's got a ceramic tamperproof coating on the ceramic PCB). I guess it's tracable just about but having snapped a corner off the PCB isn't making things easier. I should also note the legs connect to the IC on the top AND bottom of the inner PCB. It also doesn't touch video or audio.

          The guts show a few octal buffers and a lot of caps/resistors. As far as I can tell, all this thing does is convert the inputs to serial data which is then piped to the TS-001-TURBO IC. This is the least of my worries though.

          I have nothing but a screen full of colour on boot (or non-boot), it's all a bit of a mess. Again, no response from the test switch but not surprising since it's remenicent of the garbage screen Neos spurt out when there is no interaction with the BIOS/CPU/RAM.

          Not having a scope here is a bit of a problem and my probe is barely functional (worst chinese "bargain" I ever bought).

          I'll give it a go though and plop the results here.


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