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    Going to post my repair logs here, so maybe some one can have use for it

    Subject: Sega Rally Championship Twin cab

    Symptom: Owner says it only needs new PSU units, all the rest is ok....yeah right !

    Put the two units together and fire it to see whats wrong.

    Car1: Dark screen brightens and contrast already on full.
    Main fans making noise, tilting the seat to get to the good stuff.

    1 fan disconnected, it is stuck. 220V
    fan on the metall case stuck. 5V
    other fan runs but it is noisy. 220V

    Drive board error, just -- in the display.

    Turn the machine off, time to get dirty.

    Out with the stuck 220v fan under the seat and in with an new one.
    replaced the 5V fan on the metal case (cpu box)

    Replaced the fan in the back, close to the drive board.

    Change air flow so the air goes in at the back and out in the front under the seat.
    Same thing with the fan on the cpu box, taking the heat AWAY from the pcb`s

    Old fan on the the cpu box was 5V, replaced with 12V fan, So the 5v is ONLY for the pcb`s.

    The 12V is only used for the lights in the pushbuttons and the credit unit in the cash box tower.

    Replaced the old PSU with an new arcade style PSU.

    Turned the power on and check voltage to the cpu unit.

    Drive board still gives error -- in the digit display.

    Checking wiring and pots in the input test menu....nothing.
    Still the same and no value in the test screen.

    Looking at the plugs on the cpu box....connector that goes to the drive board was miss placed power off and fit the plug an the right place, power on and the drive board was ok and so was the pots.

    Checking value of pots in the input test, some are off readjust the pots and recalibrate.

    All good....

    Credit the game and tries it. Play 5 games and no problems.

    Power off and waits 5 min. power on.....testing auto set of the steering wheel.
    All OK

    Screen is still to dark, told the owner that he needs a new screen. Ok with him.

    Out with the old nanao shit...

    In with an WG 27D9400 monitor

    Rewiring the old monitor harness so it fits the new monitor.Power on to check the screen....WTF !

    "NO SIGNAL" msg. on the the wiring to the monitor.

    hmmm....old monitor harness is good.
    Red,Green and Blue

    Looking at the other end of the plug that goes to the harness down to the cpu box.....well...Sega swap wires.

    Black to the old monitor is sync and not GND

    Swap GND and SYNC wires and we got picture.

    Nice and sharp.

    Plays some more...just for fun.

    Well time to go home for today.....Next unit Car 2 tomorrow.

    To be continued.......

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    the nanao darkness was probably down to the 10uf 250volt smoothing cap on the neck board or a bad solder joint on the crt socket,still nice to get a spanking new wg multisync

    i am doing up 3 linked daytonas next week,all the monitors are done-next all the controls and then finally artwork(not sega original as i would need to take out another mortgage)

    good luck with yours btw


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      yeah...saw that in a post earlier...

      but the tube had bad burn in marks so i told the owner to replace it.


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