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  • Neo Geo Bootleg PHUN!@!

    I'll keep it short

    Made NeoMrDo! out of a Samurai Showdown cart, why? why not? sorry Stu!
    Q: Why did I choose Neo Mr Do! and Samurai Showdown.
    A: Looking at the rom files in Mame Samurai Showdown pretty much matches the rom sizes as Mr Do. eg V1,C1 and C2 etc uses the same rom sizes 16mb. If they didnt match I'd have to spend ages trying to work out the jumper settings to change rom types
    Mr Do uses a single 4 meg program rom where Samurai uses 1 8 meg and a 4 meg chip at P1 and EP1. I just joined MR Do program together to make a 8 meg files and programmed it onto a 27c800.....
    Most annoying part was desoldering all the of Samurai's roms.
    Mr Do was a great game to try and boot because its only small, uses 6 roms.
    Anywayz programmed all the roms i needed soldered them back on the pcb (neo carts are so easy to work on) plugged it in and WHAM!
    Last Step was to make a new label........see for yourself.

    If I can get hold of some 32 meg roms(27c320) might try Puzzle Bobble 2 next.
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    i would love to get me a ghost lop boot someday seeing as it was never released and a great puzzle game. Nice work i thought it was only chinese people had the skills to make boots


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      hrm how complete is Ghost Lop? I see its only a proto.


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        There really is nothing wrong with can complete the game and there is no bugs/lockups...unless of course you make it wrong.

        Samsho2 / kof 95/96 (i think on the kof) are the carts to use as they are pretty much a straight rom swap.

        AK i'll pay you and send you the samsho 2 if you can do me a ghostlop. I was going to do it myself but i'd have to get a burner for that and.....well i only need that one cart done

        I'm not that opposed to bootlegs, i just don't want them in my collection

        Nice work

        Some info here....maybe not just a straight rom swap...


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          seems to be a market of ghost lop fans then tis an awesome game too bad it never got released.


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            I think it's ok....i wouldnt put it anywhere near magical drop, money puz exchanger or puzzle de pon.....but still alot better than more than half the neo library


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              Trav this is why you're the king
              looking for:
              the baseboard for a Gottlieb Royal Guard
              Zaccaria Devil Riders Backglass
              Williams OXO, GTB Volcano


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                I'm only doing this to make use of some of these dime a dozen games and convert them into something rarer and better.
                Some times its more cost effective to just buy the cart, its getting harder to find cheap roms to do this sort of thing.
                Nightmare in the Dark looks like another goer.
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                  you can buy the boots of nitd for quite cheap from excellentcom you could last year anyway.


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                    I'm going to have a go at ghostlop in the new year i think. Your inspiring me AK. And i want to add it to my collection as well, and i'm gonna have to buy a bootleg made cart of it that someone else made anyways...

                    I just picked up two neo bomberman carts for $15 each......i took the punt on them....they will be boots i reckon but ah well. It's so expensive for such an average game.

                    Post how you go on your NITD if you make one up. NITD is a cool game until you play snow bros and then it just seems crappy But alas it's another game i don't have yet

                    Puzzle de Pon R and Puzzle Bobble 2 would be two games to do also. I'm thinking both games aren't so easy to boot otherwise there would be boots everywhere of both games....I'm surpried there isnt more twinkle star sprites bootlegs...that game is really not common and pretty wanted...


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                      yeah I paid $66 for a neo bomberman recently and turned out to be a bootleg felt pretty ripped but my son loves the game plays it non stop.
                      When I think about it I could have made my own much cheaper.
                      Twinkle Star is another on my list. i'll be using the bootleg set for NITD because it splits the 32 meg roms into 16 meg which makes it easier to use a crappy game like SS to sac.


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                        i agree with stu - puzzle bobble 2 would be a great boot to have.
                        let us know if you have any breakthrus.


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                          Originally posted by spot View Post
                          i agree with stu - puzzle bobble 2 would be a great boot to have.
                          let us know if you have any breakthrus.
                          unless the game has some sort of encryption it shouldn't be a problem.
                          Anybody got any faulty carts they want to get rid of? give me a yell.


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                            I bid on a legit puzzle bob 2 last week on us ebay....i was gonna go for it but there was another bidder going for it to and this particular person usually bids big on stuff like that so i let it go

                            Gotta say after playing the game (puzbob2) it's pretty average. Not worth the $$ it goes for. 1 is better and puz de pon is better to.

                            Twinkle star is another game that's bootlegged a fair bit....i cant see it being an easy one though as there would have to be a shit load more around for such a sought after game.....could be wrong though. I guess yaton makes alot of them.


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                              Well just said **** it and splurged out on some roms, 12 27c322, and 10 27c160,800,400,010.

                              should have plenty to do the deed, all i need is some sac carts.


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