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Donkey Kong TKG4 Repair Logs


Share any logs or helpful information you may have to repairs of arcade PCBs, Monitors etc

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    Hi! I just registered because I was amazed with all of your work and I have a Dk two stack pcb I myself would like to fix. I figured you might have a better idea than I do on where to start with this one. I won't be able to start work on it immmediatel though, since right upon receiving it and testing it quickly two days ago, I messed up and shorted something on the sanyo monitor, so I need to attend to that first. But basically upon boot up, I can hear the mario jump sound once, but the whole screen remains black. Game also doesnt coin up or play at all without image. It has the rainbow cable, and I use the edge connector with a new Mikes arcade wiring harness. Visually on the board nothing seems out of wack or broken, all original. Hope you have an idea as to where to look first. If I insert a Mario bros. pcb in the cab, it plays perfectly so I know its the dk pcb at fault (I bought it knowing it didnt work). Many Thanks!


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      I'm having a similar issue with a TKG3 Boardset I'm working on. The glitch goes away after the game has been powered on for 10 mins.

      I wanted to share a pic of this TKG-4 board. It has a 221k ceramic capacitor between pins 10 and 11.

      I wonder if doing this would have also solved your issue?



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