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60 in 1 no buttons working ect

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  • 60 in 1 no buttons working ect

    Hi all,
    Possibly a really stupid newbie question here.
    Have assembled our first Cocktail Cab and have used a 60 in 1 board.
    We have wired it up however nothing appears to work.
    The Board shows all the games in demo mode with demo music however none of the buttons/ joysticks or coin buttons do anything (can not get credits to start the game ect)
    I have wired them all up according to the instructions with the negative on the common and the wire to the jamma harness on the normally open (is this correct?)
    At this stage I am a little lost and would appreciate any help at all.

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    What happens when you flip dip switch 4 on the board and boot it up in the test/options menu?. Can you navigate it with the joystick and buttons?. You can set it to free play through here as well.


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      Thanks for the reply, have done as you suggested and only certain buttons and joystick directions work.
      I think it may actually be the wiring (I bought the harness of ebay before I found this site and Dorians AA specials) it came pre loomed for 1 and 2 players, however, I am getting different sides of the cocktail cab doing different things in test mode so I think I will pull it back out, undo all the pre wired looms and start from scratch (possibly what I should have done in the first place).
      Will let you know how I get on.


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        Mate, I work in rivervale - and drive past como every day.. give me a holler mate.. I can come have a look at it for ya - guaranteed it's something simple

        0417 989 656

        I even have an ' arcade wiring tester ' that LAI made back in the day.. for those ' hard to find faults '

        - Chris
        Since 1994...

        played games in NV, TX, NY, PARIS, LONDON, ROME, HK and all around OZ !

        ( Perth, Western Australia )


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          Thanks for the advice and offers of help.
          I have managed to nut it out though, it was pre loomed and labeled however they were one wire out.
          The kids are happy now


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            Glad you worked it out.

            it was pre loomed and labeled however they were one wire out.
            Sometimes you just have to do things yourself to get them done right.
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