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1068 in 1, button function problem

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  • 1068 in 1, button function problem

    Hey Guys, I have just fitted a 1068 in 1 multigame pcb to my cab. I wired it all and set ip up on the floor, played games for days with no dramas. i mounted the board inside the cab in the existing PCB mount. now i can select games etc. with all joysticks and buttons working but once the game starts the player 1 joysticks and buttons dont work. on 2 player games i can play the second player but P1 completly shuts down.

    anyone had this problem?? again everything was working sweet when bench tested.

    any help appreciatted

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    kinda strange although most of these x in one jobs are cheaply made. try re seating all your connections including jamma harness. Make sure jamma harness lines up with jamma pinouts on board. Check for loose wiring. If still faulty send back to manufacturer for replacement


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