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New 1068 Horizontal/Vertical Board

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  • New 1068 Horizontal/Vertical Board

    Howdy all,

    First post etc.

    I have taken a delivery of a 1068 multi board which I suspect is a brand new version and rigged as a combination of Horizonal, Vertical and Cocktail.

    Have it up and running on a VGA monitor and so far so good - Except for selecting the H & V formats. The schematic shows a mode switch but there's no reference to the Jama equiv that I can find.

    There is the mode on the extension board - but am pretty sure that's not the one because the punter can select the mode once they've dropped in the coin.

    Anyone else had a play with these boards yet ? Suggestions ?


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    Be interested in this.
    I've manually configure mine individually for Cocktail games,.

    Took ages, made up a new menu and added the games in manually.

    The only thing I can think of by default the older ones sometimes had some game categories turned off, go into the menu system and enable them.,

    Not sure same would be for you.

    Re-Read. Jamma by standard won't have this option, this is a tweak of the software running these XXX in one.
    THe extension board will be what to use.
    Check the instructions, you'll have to change a dip switch, then boot up with the extension board to make the changes.

    Not having this version, sounds like you may only be able to set it up to H or V once, not able to change it when on which would make sense, other wise your monitor position would be wrong for the mode ie, you set your monitor to Vertical position and config to Vertical, but trying to change to Horizontal with the monitor in Vertical.


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      Thanks for the reply savage.

      I know what you're saying BUT I think this is different.

      Differences between this and a "standard" board:

      The video select options have been disabled as in it only outputs VGA. In the setup menu, the O/S jumps straight over the Video options to sound set up.

      In game set up there this is a specific sub-class of games called "cocktail" which I am assuming supports the 3/4 aspect ratio or a vertical position screen.

      The cab it goes into is rigged for horizontal and vertical in that it is a cocktail with a third side so in effect 4 game panels. One on each end and a double on one side.

      This definately should be punter selectable because in the "System operation" it refers to "insert coin" blah blah blah Then.

      'On game list press Mode Button may change horizontal or vertical or cocktail mode'.

      Mode on the extension board does nothing when pressed.

      As I said, this may be the very first one - and I am hoping it aint ! I guess i was hoping for someone to come back and tell me that 'test" or whatever might double up (it doesn't).

      if I can get it going it will be a bloody good rig !
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        An update...

        It seems the manual may be less than complete (In the tradition of things originating from China).

        version 1 of the manual shows that the test line doubles as the Horizonatl to Vertical Flip line. Switch that to earth and it toggles between H & V beautifully.

        next Challenge controls.

        Thanks jas


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