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  • General Questions re 1066 in 1

    Gday. Just got a gamebox 2008. Got a couple of questions for those in the know.

    Is is better to leave the gamebox on all the time and just turn of the cabinet? Ive had one blow up on me so now im paranoid to turn it on/off. I usually leave all my PC's on 24/7 and just turn of the screens.

    How do I enter the Neo Geo or Namco setup screens? I noticed in the manual somehting about dip switch 4 but i can make out the bad english in the manual. I want to turn off demo sound and game compulsion on the neo geo titles and also all the namco games only give me 2 players. Once set to i go into the 'test' button menu and save game states?

    Thats all for now but im sure to have more questions shortly. Thanks!


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    I gather these are stupid questions. Or knowone knows or cares!

    Something in the manual about dip 4, but i cant make it out.


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      There are no stupid questions only stupid answers....
      I would not recommend running your PCB 24/7 your motherboard caps will overheat and blow within 6 months depending on the PCB and the cooling.
      As for your gamebox it will depend on the unit (a picture will help at the very least) many units have different ways of operation and yes the manuals are very chinglish...
      Most of the systems I have seen require manual setup of each games options and do not in general have universal options for things like demo sound on or off, game difficulty ect....
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        Thanks Dorien. Its the Gamebox 2008. Here is the pic.


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          That manufacturer is very bad with the menu screens and options, you will have to play around unfortunatly. Most guys here are used to the babystar 1000in1 units not this model you have....
          Always interested in Retro and Current gaming


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            That looks like a great box to trap heat.
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              seen them on ebay also

              not cheap for a toaster oven
              you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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                Originally posted by narf_ View Post
                seen them on ebay also

                not cheap for a toaster oven
                No. It was a drunken Ebay purchase for sure. Its what lead me to this forum so in future questions will be asked before spending the cash. Seems to have the same "games Family" menu all the other boxes have though.

                The cab im using it in only has 4 buttons and the chinglish manual says something about putting on dip switch 4 and choosing the game and holing button 5? to get into options for each game? I dunno... im confused!

                Looks like Galaga will be having 2 ships only forever on this machine.


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