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Converting XXXX in 1 cocktail cab to a ARpiCade - Technical skills required?


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  • Converting XXXX in 1 cocktail cab to a ARpiCade - Technical skills required?

    Hi guys,

    I purchased a second hand cocktail cab that had a 1000 in 1 installed, its missing most of the games I want to play so have found all the MAME roms but now realise I need help as I have no idea what I am doing from the hardware perspective.

    My plan is to purchase a RaspberryJAMMA and a RP4, I am confident in doing any software configuration but I am unsure what will be required to convert the old XXXX in 1 to take this new RaspberryJAMMA.

    Cab has a CRT. Has anyone created a guide? I had a look through the forums but couldn't find anything.

    Is there anyone in VIC who takes money to do this sort of changeover?

    Any help is appreciated



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    If it’s wired for Jamma should pretty much be plug and play.

    Is the monitor horizontally or vertically mounted? Tell dee2er when you buy the RaspberryJAMMA.

    I think Pi3b+ might still be a better option than Pi4. Ask dee2er what he thinks.


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      Thanks for the quick response Mark. Its a 3 sided cab that I can switch between Horizontal and Vertical. If I took a photo of inside the Cab would that be helpful? Will reach out to Dee2er and ask him about the RaspberryJamma!


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        Ok that’s unusual but I’m pretty sure the Arpicade software on the RsspberryJAMMA is switchable between horizontal and vertical. May require a restart but that’s no big deal. It’s pretty much ideal actually.

        Worst case you could switch between two SD cards with different images.


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          Photos from within the cab would be very useful.


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                It's a very unusual setup. I think a possibility might be to use the 4 player adapter with the RaspberryJAMMA. The ends would be connected to players 3 and 4.



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                  2nd lot of photos shows the Jamma on the left - is it just a case of removing that and plugging the Rp3+,RaspberryJAMMA, and the 4 player adaptor into whatever it is already currently plugged into? I have no idea what the board under the CRT is or the board from the 1st lot of photos - im surprised it needed that much to be honest, i would have assumed the JAMMA is this one as it looks pretty close:


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                    Actually think i figured it out, 2nd board is 2nd half of the machine, small blue board is essentially a "linking" adaptor that links 2 machines together to create a 4 player arcade. Question is can I just tear it all out and replace with what I listed above or is there a bit more involved and is there someone who can come do it professionally for me?


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                      There are often little differences between these cabs but I have converted a few of them now. One thing that's not obvious just looking at the wiring is these cabs audio is often wired in stereo to the 'JAMMA' edge (MVS style), if so you may need to either rewire as mono (to suit the JAMMA standard) or use a stereo amp if you want to keep it stereo. From the speaker I can see in your photo pretty sure your cab has the audio wired up MVS style.

                      Looks like you may have buttons 4 and 5 on a kick harness, this will need to be rewired to suit the RaspberryJAMMA. If so, you can wire these either to the RJs kick harness or wire all 6 buttons on the JAMMA edge, either way will work with the RaspberryJAMMA.

                      Does your cab have a JAMMA power supply? A lot of these PC based systems only have a PC supply in them - you may need to add a JAMMA power supply (or with RaspberryJAMMA if you're using an external stereo amp you cab get away with a RPi 5.1v supply rather than a full JAMMA power supply.

                      If you want to run the 4 player adaptor as well use a RPi3B+ as the four player adaptor is not yet supported by the Pi4 version of the ARpiCADE software. To wire to the four player adaptor you would need to change the second JAMMA connector into Konami style 3 and 4 player connections. Alternately, it is possible to have all the inputs working but wired as only 2 players to one JAMMA edge - suits using the horizontal and vertical sides independently but not simultaneously.

                      There are multiple ways you could have the software setup to suit a 3 sided cab, some will involve a lot more tinkering with the software than others. The most basic way to do it would be to just use the service menu to swap to hori/vert mode whenever you want to.

                      I can't tell from the photos if your monitor is low or high res (prob low res from what I can see) but RJ can do either.

                      I'm in Victoria too, so depending on where you are I may be able to help in person if you need. PM me here or email me at if you want to discuss that further in private .


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