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Linux on a XXXX-in-1 device


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    Well, I ended up ripping out damned near everything. My twin zero-delay USB controllers with 20 buttons (four each of red, yellow, green, and blue, two 'coin' buttons, and two player buttons, all LED backlit) arrived, and an old friend is coming over to test his mettle in a Street Fighter II (whichever version he chooses).

    I kept the transformer that powers the monitor, and I was pleased to discover that the trackball is actually USB (or PS/2). I tried to save the speakers (the unit has monitor control buttons and a volume knob), but after removing the JAMMA board, they gave an annoying hum. Losing the speakers meant losing the monitor controls, but I'll get by.

    All that remains is deciding whether to stay with Windows 7 or to switch to Mint, and choosing a front-end (because vanilla MAME is great with a mouse and keyboard, but ****ing hell with just a joystick and arcade buttons, even with adjustments to the UI). I found an old pair of shitty USB desktop speakers, and they do the trick (plus they fit in the hinged hollow under the control panel), but at some point I may try to salvage the speakers that came with the cabinet -- they really aren't bad. I'd really like to get the system to boot directly into [MAME or the front-end], but there's plenty of time.

    I am also considering getting a ServoStik, because, well, that's just cool, and I hate changing the restrictor plate.

    Anyway, it's a shame that these systems aren't easier to manipulate, but I am not at all unsatisfied with my wife's gift -- whatever its faults, it got me to tinker. I suspect that if she's at all perturbed by my tinkering, she's happy to hear me giggle or complain while playing.


    To other who stumble here looking for help: pretty much any PC from 2010 or later can handle the load, and you'll get to customize things the way you like. Yes, you might spend a bit more in the process, but also yes, you'll end up with a better system.


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      Great topic to read. I too also have a 4 player cab with the 2019 Games family P4-4P that's been a headache for the past 3 years. Looking at different options as I just want to throw the board out. Haven't tinkered with Raspberry Pi yet but think this is where I might head but still stumped on the 4 player bit.


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        The RaspberryJAMMA has the two Jamma controllers but also has spare USB ports. Might be able to use a USB encoder for players 3 and 4.

        Might be worth dropping a message to dee2er and see what he thinks.
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          If you want to do MAME using Linux this site has the answers. Might be something there for XXXX in 1 setups too!


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