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    Hey Guys! I aquires my two arcade machines from Gamedude last week (Very, very happy with them). Both machines are running the "Games Family" V1.1 (Blue Box) hardware. Both of these machines are setup in a retail environment and used for profit. However when I turn the machines off for the evening and then back on in the morning the high scores do not save.

    Is there some trick to this? (i.e. Exit the game, back to menu and then shut off the machine) Or do I need to modify something in the software settings? (i.e. plug the hard drive into a PC and change something in an INI file)

    I have noticed that the new Hard Drives available to update these systems (Obviously beyond 1.1) include not only new games, but also new features, one of which is High Score saving.

    I can only assume then, if nothing is being changed except for the hard drive that the High Score saving feature is software, wich in turn implies that editing an INI file is going to be the solution.

    Any help would be much appreciated as my regulars are a little dissapointed when they come in the next day and their high score on Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom has been replaced again by Gygax.

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    it has to do with the copy of mame running on the box. TO enable high scores you would need to put on a patched version of mame with the high score support added onto the hdd to replace the current one. I dont have any experience with these boxes, but that is what i think would be the problem. The new versions would have a new version of mame patched with this.


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      Also be aware that aside from mame, arcade cabs were never designed to save high-scores once they were powered off.

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        The only other thing I'm thinking of is that we write the scores down on a piece of paper with their name and date and keep it behind the counter here at the shop. That way the sense of competition can persist.

        I'll look at upgrading the hard drives with the latest update further down the track. Eventually I want to upgrade one of the machines with one of the spare 3.0 478 CPU's I have lying around so that it can run Street Fighter III, so I'll do it at the same time.

        Thanks for the speedy responses guys. Very much appreciated.


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          Wheres your shop at ?

          We will come and set some high scores...


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            Originally posted by Gauntlet View Post
            Both machines are running the "Games Family" V1.1 (Blue Box) hardware. Both of these machines are setup in a retail environment and used for profit.
            I wouldn't admit to that in public.
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              Originally posted by AdamC View Post
              Wheres your shop at ?

              We will come and set some high scores...
              Just looked on your signature.... now i know

              Are they still making a lot of x-men comics these days ? Used to collect them years ago ...


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                Yes, there are still a truck load of X-Men comics these days. Nothing changed there.

                I don't publicly advertise the fact that they are 1066 in 1 boards. I didn't show any decorum on these forums as most of you know what is going on.

                I turn the machines on in the morning and select the same game every day and have the "jump back to menu" dip switch disabled, so most customers wouldn't even know that it's a multi board. In fact if you think about it, most people, especially the younger generation no little if nothing about arcade machines.

                A few of the regulars know but they dont mind. The machines are set to $1 for 2 Credits and all profit from them goes into our "Gamer's Fund" which is used to buy board games and other materials for the store that everyone can use, so while the money is still essentially going into my pocket, it's doing it in a round about way and everyone is reaping the benefits.

                It's my plan to change the game on each machine every 3 months or so, to keep things fresh. I currently have one set to D&D: Tower of Doom and the other to Marvel Vs Capcom.

                Retail stores are suppose to pay money for royalties in order to play music in their stores as well, but no one ever does and it's very poorly policed. I'm sure arcade machines are even less policed, but if push came to shove I'd simply take them home.


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