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39 -in-1 questions

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  • 39 -in-1 questions

    you guys have been really helpful with my questions! THANKS

    I wonder about the 39-in-1 board

    I have seen it reset by somebody just doing random moves on the joysticks twice now.
    What causes this?
    Is there anyway to save all of the highscores?
    In the setup it talks about the sounds for the game demos but I never have been able to set this right, is there a way?
    I would like the game set free play without those dumb songs BUT I really would like the game demos themselves to play when they are on the screen

    one more is it possible to have a 4 way controller in the 1 player spot for the 4 way games
    and an 8 way in the 2 player spot for the 8 way games and have them both work depending on the game?

    I looked a bit for the answers but I have a bunch of questions so I thought I'd ask

    Thanks in advance

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      For the joystick question the answer is yes. The microswitches are normally open so a close from either stick will do the job. If they were normally closed then the answer would be no.

      Just get a switchable stick. They cost more but are worth it for this type of installation. Ultimarc and Groovy Game Gear both do one. I've had Ultimarc switchable sticks in all my cabs in the past. And I'm talking about switchable from the top, not the bottom.
      Bite my shiny metal ass!


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        I should clarify I want to play the 8 way games from the player two spot


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