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    yea, the coin counters on the jamma harness are what add credits. Just hook up a button to them


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      I thought the counter is supposed to be where a box is connected to count the lifetime credits of the machine. When a credit is put in, the counter sends a voltage pulse that triggers one "count" and the mechanism moves forward one number.

      You want to use the Coin switch #16 on one side of the "coin button" and connect a GND to the other side. If you use a normal arcade button it must be NORMALLY OPEN or N/O so that when the button is pressed, #16 and GND are temporarily connected up and then disconnected.

      You may have #16top connected to #16bottom which is wrong, or you may have #16top and GND connected to NORMALLY CLOSED terminals or a toggle switch. Do not use a toggle switch here.

      Best to check it with a multimeter in case another button is connected up wrong, or you have a short somewhere.


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        Oops, yea, sorry, george is right. Posted before thinking. I am guessing there is a problem with where the coin button is hooked up to, probably a broken wire or something


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          How'd ya go, d'ya fix it?


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            I haven't had a chance to look at it since i posted this question. As soon as have a look at what was suggested i'll let you know if it's sorted.

            Cheers for the help.


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              Finally got around to checking the wiring with a multimeter with no luck everything seems fine, which i kind of expected seeing as though the credit button works fine with "Normal" PCBs.

              As an aside i tried one of my mate's xbox to jamma converters in there and it had the exact same issue, so i just bit the bullet and bought a coin mech for the cab and now it works sweet.

              Appreciate the assistance.



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